Monday, October 01, 2012

Spring Things.

  Spring .....Summer even yesterday. Today first  wet, then windy, now sunny and other words typical Spring weather. The wind is just strong enough to break new young growth and be destructive. There are plenty of surprises in the garden, new  things opening each day. We have several projects half completed but they will have to wait till later in the week. In the kiwifruit the first little bit of crush tipping needs doing. The garden clearing needs is looking so good and will make life easier with less for me to do. (photos when done ) Later today we are yet again heading off down country to another family funeral. Not sad for us but the life that has gone was a sad one...a wasted one in many ways. For this person ( younger than us ) drink played too big a part and lost him 2 farms and a very nice wife. 
 We will stay in Taupo  tonight again and break the journey. The return journey we will play by ear depending what time it all finishes.

 On Saturday J and V were here and J ( our younger son )  shouted us all dinner for R's birthday.
 It was at R's favourite restaurant. As always the meals selected varied.  Some being really good, other a little wanting. R was happy with all of his . Here is my asparagus soup with soufflé island . The taste was too subtle for me and a very tiny portion.....served on a huge plate with a little bowl depression  in the centre. That is the second time I have come across those plates.  (Cold plates with soup ? )
 One of us suggested maybe with all the cooking programmes on TV we are just getting too picky?
 My dessert however was delicious rich and yummy. I guess it is hard to win them all!.
 I haven't done a stitch of sewing since last week. I have however resown the gaps in my sugar snap peas where the pukehos scratched half out. They are now covered!. I briefly visited with oranges, 2 needy friends and had a quick catch up with another friend this morning......all of which gave me a happy feeling.
 I will be checking back in here on Wednesday.


Jennifer said...

That's a very sad ending to a life. You will be happy when your duty is done and you are home again. We've been having quite a windy season lately too.....wonder who is stirring the air up?

Meggie said...

I have really enjoyed having a catch-up with your posts. The talents of TGA ladies are wonderful! I am still not doing anything creative, but have managed a blog last.