Saturday, October 20, 2012

Which Quilt Layout?

I could write a post about the weather; it has been so varied and unpredictable, with a small earthquake thrown in, but just 2 sentence will do. The weather sucks!
 I want to ask your advice and opinion please. 
Which of the following 6 layouts is most pleasing to the eye? I could live with all of them but have two I favour more than the other 4. ( my knees are worn out crawling around the carpet changing these, so I won't look for more feasibilities. ) ( but suggest them if you like and think I have missed a really good one! )
 This is # 1. 
Yes it has an obvious mistake in it. No I'm not being Amish I just didn't spot it till the photo was taken.

 This is # 2. ( it's one the other way around corrected )

 This is # 3. ( also with a mistake at the end of the front purple row )
( Using my camera as a quilting tool is a plus! )

 This is # 4. The obvious mistake in it REALLY stands out.

 This is # 5. ( it is the same idea as 4 but is in colour rows. )

 This is # 6.

 Thanks in advance. Here in NZ we have a long weekend. If the weather allows some gardening will take place. I am tired of thinning kiwifruit buds so none of that.( my neck needs to look down for a while ) Some reading; blog reading and sewing on another small project. I probably will need to do some cooking too. Can I get all that done in the 2.5 days I have left. We'll see. I hope you all have a happy weekend.


Elizabeth said...

Love the colours. I like the layout of #3 and #5 the best I think!!!!!!!. The sun is shining up here in Auckland, but, we still have the jolly wind - so over it!!!!1

Molly said...

I like all of them but my favourites are #3 and #6, with the right borders!

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...


Number six wins by a mile!!



Marls said...

I'm with Linda-it's number 6 for me. Weather hasn't been too bad here down south. Rain has arrived now but none all day.

Andrea said...

I love number 3 followed by 2 - that's a lot of half square triangles :-) xx

Diane-crewe said...

pesonally I like 1 and 6... but ... YOU have to do the sewing! Have fun xx
sunny and frosty in my corner of the UK xx

James Honeyfield said...

3 first, then 5, then 6

Joolz said...

I like # 6!

Nicky said...

The weather sucks here too, so don't feel alone on that one.

My favourite is either 3, then 6. I like how 3 uses the different colour ways in a more definitive way than the rest. But..... which ones are your favourites?

Deb said...

Yep, wet in the Waikato too Ali...good day for sewing. Another vote for 3.

Gayle said...

No 3 then no. 4.
Very wild here in the Waikato tonight.

anne bebbington said...

#6 is definitely my favourite Ali :)

Bubble said...

Hi Ali, sorry i haven't been on your blog for a while, the craft season has commenced here and i have 13 stalls booked. That means i have been hooking as mad as a hatter!! I love number 6, they are all gorgeous but this is my fav. Love to you both xxxx

Ali Honey said...

Thank you All very much.
It seems # 3 wins by a narrow margin from 6.
Add to that, that both R and I like #3 best I think that is the way I will go. You just reinforced it for me.
# 6 reminds me of a jewel box I correct?