Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday Inside, Sunday Outside.

Compared with most places in NZ ( and Scotland I believe ) we have mainly escaped the storms. Some wind yes, but no more than we were having other days recently. Wet and windy Saturday was mainly spent inside doing this...
and this....
 The half square triangles were made to go with a left over block ( 2 actually ) I had that was lingering in my cupboard. Originally made about 5 years ago along with about 6 others in a purple batik with a plain mustard cotton.( at a midnight madness session at club ) I  really went off the mustard colour.( and knew I would hate it if I made it into the intended quilt ) I made a nice apron I wear out of one block; a cushion used 2 get the idea.  So I was trying to use up one more block BUT you knew it...I liked the half square triangles made with the same purple but STILL hated the mustard. So the block is relegated to the back of this quilt when finished along with it's mate. 
 I noticed when laying these blocks out on the floor that the purple seemed to be killing the other colours so I introduced some dark green and darlk blue to alternate rows. This may work. These are not yet sewn and there are other possibilities of layout. This I like most so far. It is in fact very like the little charity quilt I last finished.

 But today started chilly but has turned out fine and cloudy. So, although I had a list mowing all the lawns suddenly jumped to the top.5 things on the list, 3 crossed off and the day is not over. Off all the garden jobs I do mowing the lawn when it needs it is the thing that makes the quickest and most dramatic improvement.
 The Copper Beech tree is just coming into leaf. See the red tints.
 This is the area I worked so hard at weeding last weekend. It still has gaps but I have scattered cornflowers seed in the loose dirt and may get some more punnets of seedlings.
 I am very pleased with the Arctotis. Flamingo in the front and Burgundy Belle behind. They have sread out as good ground covers at the top of this very dry and wind swept bank. They only open in the sun.
 I am also very pleased with my radish and carrot repeat plantings.Still room for more.
 A splash of yellow and orange.The yellow vireyas are such good repeat bloomers.
 Right I am off the get those last 2 jobs done before I make dinner.

 I do hope you are all safe and not blown away or flooded. 


Diane-crewe said...

lovely colours ... we are dry at the moment .. however had to scrape the car when came out of work!!.. its still only OCTOBER!! keep safe xx

Meggie said...

I wish I had a garden I could work in, sometimes. Have no really flat area, even for an above ground garden. Pots seem to just kill everything...or wait, is that just me?