Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Special Day.

"Happy Birthday,  J." I hope London puts on a sunny day for you and that you get to spend lunch hour outside and also this evening. Enjoy your special day!
Winter is really here in New Zealand judging by what I can pick in the garden. Yesterday evening I picked these delicate Camellia beauties to bring in for vases. It will hasten their demise with the fire going but they give me pleasure. ( I have many cammellia trees so lots more still outside ). Also in this bunch are a few paper whites and jonquils that are filling the rooms with their own perfume.  Some of my camellias are seedlings that just popped up so are crosses of already planted varieties. In the photo are : Cinnamon Cindy;Transnokoensis; Japonica frimbrita.

While I was gardening yesterday I planted these Vireya cuttings. They struck while in a vase inside...must have liked the warm water. I wonder if they will grow? ( I have had previous success growing vireya rhododendrons from cuttings )

This little pot of Lachenalia pendula are looking bright by the back door, but notice how all the rain has made the concrete green.

Also ready for picking/ eating on our property at the moment are Kiwifruit; Avocados; Sapotes and a tamarillo off a seedling tree.
We have been doing our bird survey. Have you remembered Leanne, it's any time this week ?( more about birds on another post )
Today I am making some Panettone in the bread maker - never made that before. The lemons on are trees got used. ( juice and zest ) They look so bright at the moment.( free too Pam! )

Molly, if you go to Loulee's blog she has a link to a site with the pattern for the etui.
I have been writing Newsletters - boring job for P and Q Group. Also decided on 3 motifs for # 20 ball. I plan to continue with my garden clean up of leaves and some weeding this afternoon. It's sunny; wet underfoot but windy - still good for the washing to get dry.


Jennifer said...

Your camellias are very pretty.....I don't have any in this new garden, although I had a few in the last one.

Bubble said...

Happy Birthday J. OOOO Ali those delicious fruits in your own back yard i mean orchard!!!! Your so lucky. xxxxxxx

Meggie said...

Your camellias are beautiful, love that perfect white one!
Our lemons are looking good too, think the wasps have missed them this crop.
I miss Tamarilloes! We had 2 trees and they were huge fruit bearers, in the BOP.