Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bag Variation and Kiwifruit.

I completed this bag which is a variation on the bucket bag I taught last Friday. This was a teaching aid - partly sewn then. Instead of using 64  of the 3" squares I cut strips of the batik fabric and added the top border. It is quilted to look as though they are individual squares. It means there is less sewing involved.  (Making the bag with 2" squares gives a little girl sized bag.) I have another sample which has been in parts since 2007 when I first took this class. It has been lent out to the Papamoa group along with my instructions and they all successfully made bags 2 years ago. That sample if it doesn't get too tatty may one day also become a finished bag....but having it in parts has been invaluable as a teaching aid.
 Yesterday I attended as I do every year the AGM of Zespri ( who market NZ kiwifruit ) which is held in Baycourt in Tauranga. This is how the stage looked when I arrived early. Why early - well car parks become difficult to obtain for 2-3 hours if you don't get there early. It is a very formal affair.Absolutely male dominated. Each year one brave female will ask a question, but no female ever gets on the Board of Directors, which I think is narrow minded as women do have a different perspective and usually make a very worthwhile contribution. There are lots of female employees at Zespri ( I used to be one! ) and many kiwifruit growers who are female ) A few of the Rural groups FMG for example now have one woman director. I wonder if it will ever change?  Will Fonterra ever have female in put?  (I know in another age I would have been a Suffragette !  I have opinions and a strong sense of what's right )
 Note in the photo the picture of kiwifruit varieties in all their sizes and colours.

Back at home I have this week started working back in the orchard. After the pruners have finished  I go up and down the rows cleaning, tidying, finishing what they have done. I cut off tangles around tied in canes; unclip cut plastic ties; cut off little bit of cane left dangling by stocking top ties.; pulling out odd bits of cane that have been cut off and accidently left in the canopy. 
While it is sunny it is not hard work just fiddly and lots of it. By doing this I am trying to give the next crop of fruit( not yet there ) every chance of having space to grow and nothing sharp to rub on. Meanwhile R is tightening wires doing maintenance which this year involves replacing some strainer posts. There is always plenty to do but not a flat out time of year. Lots of garden jobs need doing but it is cold and damp for part of the day. it is after all our Winter.


Jennifer said...

It's true that a farmer's work is never done! Let's hope for some female representation on that board before too long.

Janice said...

Your version of your bucket bag is very effective and, as always, I love following the progress of your year in the kiwi fruit.

Meggie said...

You work so hard Ali. I wonder that you find time for your wonderful quilting.
I recently read a quote; "Women who strive to gain equality with men, lack ambition!"
Sad, but true.