Tuesday, July 17, 2012

P P Exhibition Part 2.

Some of the other quilts in the Papamoa Patchers Exhibition that caught my eye for whatever reason.
 Norma Winter's quilt called "Jacob's Coat," ( I presume of  many colours ). I liked the colours she used.

Rachel Copestake's Candlewick Heirloom , was fabulous. it had very old lace discorporated into the design.

 If you don't want to do all the hand sewing on a traditional Double wedding ring design do it like this one by Lily Nicholson with machine appliqué.
 Sheryl Farrow's quilt was so large I couldn't stand back far enough to get it all in the photo. It was hand quilted! 
 I have never seen a brighter yellow border on a quilt. The colours in this were Wow!
 Shirley Beconsall got the panel design from Gail Lawther's book ( Glimpses of New Zealand - page 64 )
 This is the quilt shown in the 5th photo from the top.
 Below it on a chair was a throw by Shirley. There were several of these on display But I liked the colours in this one best. The fluffy seams made them look very snuggly.
( all photo enlarge with clicking. )


Jennifer said...

Thank you for the exhibition pics - I love that yellow border too!

Lis said...

Some lovely quilts there, thank you for posting them.

Meggie said...

Love to see! xx