Sunday, July 08, 2012

Stitching and Gardening.

Embroidered felt ball # 21 is almost finished.Just 2 more motifs needed. I want it to be in the post to Australia tomorrow if I can get it finished. Most evenings while watching TV by the fire I have been stitching away on 2 projects, this is one of them.
 Some of the motifs I am personally not so keen on ( trucks etc. ) but it is for the enjoyment of a wee boy and wee girl so can't be too pretty girlie.

 At the end of Summer we planted mustard seeds as a green crop in the biggest vege garden. It is just going to flowers so time to dig it in.
 A sea of green or is that I see green.
 It has become competition for the silver beet and spring onions ( now rather mature. ).So I set about weeding a space around these...
 And these young broccoli and cabbages. 
 Then R wheeled several loads of compost down from the bins which needed turning and using. We bagged 3 fert sacks for me to keep for my small vege garden.
 Then he started digging in the green crop. Here it is half done ( shadows early this morning ). It will need turning over a second time to completely bury it.
 I also spent the afternoon weeding my herb garden -  cutting back the mint ( which is  already sprouting away from it's last haircut ) and the thyme and marjoram and removing all the leaves that were covering small self sown parsley plants. Then I planted out a punnet of poppies in a patch in the very wet flower garden. As soon as the sun is off it is no fun gardening so that happens mainly in the middle of the day. Lots more to do and still so many leaves to collect.( the oaks are finished dropping and the copper beech is about 3 quarters done )
 Today I am making focaccia  bread, so keeping the fire really warm while it rises.
 The pruners started doing the kiwifruit pruning yesterday. They arrive at 7.30am  - it is very chilly then . 13 or 14 yesterday have made good progress. It is okay while the sun is on the blocks but not so warm early and late. Canes bend down to be tied in much more easily if they are warm and not so brittle. I will show some photos next post. As it is an all male gang of mainly Indian gentlemen I keep away as they don't really like females knowing anything ( even if you do! )So I want happy workers so my involvement is keeping the toilet clean for their use and supplying soap and water and clean towels.So far not a problem - but sometimes can be if their personal habits are not good. ( mostly they go behind the hedge as it is quicker! )
 Sorry to see on the TV news that you friends in UK are getting so much rain.( the weather was so kind to us at this time last year - we very very blessed by lovely weather and saw your countries in a very favourable light. )
 Off to pick up more leaves now... I must remember to stand up from time to time for my backs sake.
 Hope your weekend is going well.
 Can you spot 3 guys pruning here? This is taken from above up at the edge of the garden looking down on a kiwifruit block below. The boss of the gang says we should be able to get a good crop next year as we have looked after it well and left it open to the sun ( we know that ) , so we shall see if his prediction is right in 2013.


Jennifer said...

Those felt balls will be treasured! Your garden is certainly green, green, green - love it.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous little felt balls - so lovely :)

Bubble said...

We Will treasure our felt ball forever, you clever lady. I could only spot one chap! Yes the weather has been bonkers here, honestly mental amounts of rain However all is not lost as the Wolfys embark on a big adventure to Portugal today. Guaranteed sunshine everyday.In less than 3 hrs by plane. Out of interest Ali do you ever get poms doing the your kiwifruit?? Chris and i could fancy it for a season. Hugs

Isabelle said...

What a busy lady you are. Lovely felt balls!

Laurie said...

I would guess you have perfected the balls by now ... they are lovely. Garden looking good we have had so many bad frosts almost each day that every thing is way back and will be late or non existant even... looks like a lot of plants have died. hugs Laurie

Meggie said...
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Meggie said...
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Meggie said...
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Meggie said...

So sorry about the stuttering. Blogger just will not let me delete the extras!

Meggie said...

Now it seems my original is just not here at all. I said the balls are such treasures, and children love the soft feel of felt.