Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Drying Out.

Today the rain has stopped. Paddocks like this one across the road from us are drying out.
The hedge cutter is coming back after lunch to try and finish the job on our shelter belts. It is frustrating for him as he has just had huge repairs done on his big machine and must need to keep working to pay for that.
I grew these, we ate half for dinner last night with cheesy mustard was delicious and could not have been fresher. I love it when we can eat things we have grown ourselves. There are 5 more heads of broccoli almost ready.
 Lots of mundane but essential jobs happening around here. I can see the odd yellow daffodil opening so some sun would be beneficial.


Jennifer said... favourite colour! Once they start appearing you know it is the beginning of the middle of the end of winter.....perhaps.

Isabelle said...

Daffodils in July... that seems so odd to me! Your vegs look lovely.