Monday, July 16, 2012

Papamoa Patchers Exhibition.

Over the weekend Papamoa Patchers held their 2nd ever Exhibition of their work. ( 1st was in 2010 ).They are quite a new group in the BOP, but are gaining new members all the time. Some of the ladies from Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters Group  now have become members of the Papamoa group as it is closer to where they live. 
       I will make this into 2 post as there are lots of photos.
 The group had a challenge to use an issued fabric and make a wall hanging depicting the horror of the Christchurch Earthquake.
Below  are the Rules and the fabric sample.
Kay Green's entry below ( top ) was the most detailed piece. ( click to enlarge )

This entry picked 3 ideas: the shattered Cathedral; the people and cars crushed under rubble and the widespread dependence on Portaloos over the following months.
 Like the entry in  the top photo, this one shows the strata of the earth below as well as above ground.
 This one was ragged and shattered on purpose.

 More photos of other quilts in this exhibition in my next post.
 Jennifer there is an answer for you in the comments section of my previous post.


carole brungar said...

Some very clever ladies up your way!

Jennifer said...

What interesting ideas! Thank you for the reply, I shall check it out.

Helen said...

What a fabulous challenge idea. There are some very moving pieces. Thanks for showing them.