Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Very Wet.

It's been very wet since Sunday. 186 mls for us. Flooding in many places but not here. The hedge cutting has had to wait. He was 3/4 finished too. Never mind things are sure to dry out again. Then the mulcher can do his part.
 I have had lots of inside time to make more mug rugs for the sales table at our Exhibition in September.
 I am well on the way with the next felt ball. This shows the 12 coloured felt pentagons that make up the outer casing and the stuffing which is strips of batting wound around a tiny rattle inside 2 metal bottle tops. It is held in place with some knotted wool . Once inside the ball the last seams are sewn up from the outside.
 On Sunday evening the BOP/ Waikato MAGIC netball team won the ANZ transtasman Cup by beating the Vixens in Melbourne by 41 to 38. It was a nerve racking game and not at all good for my health ....I get so up tight watching. But oh what a victory. Well done  team you did us proud on the 5th try.
2 wonderful female role models have sadly died.
 Sally Ride the first U S woman to go into space has died aged only 61.( but what a lot she achieved in her too short life. )

 Closer to home Margaret Mahy...extrodinary  New Zealand Author of so many wonderful books has died aged 76..
 Our copy of the first book she published in 1969 is still readable - the staples have rusted and let go but apart from that it is still okay.
 Jenny Williams played a great part in this book too as the illustrator.

 There is too much to say about her but the fact I saw that is amazing said there are 10 million books in the world with Margaret Mahy's name on the cover. Wow.   I think she will be remembered and loved for many many years to come.


Jennifer said...

Every library I worked in had books by Margaret Mahy - she was quite prolific, and they were very popular too. Good stories are timeless! We let you win the netball this time round, but just watch out next time.....*grin*

katney said...

I too love Margaret Mahy's books. I am out of the loop of children's literature since I retired from the school library and am always at a loss as to what books to buy my grandchildren at Christmas. There are some, like Margaret Mahy, who will always be a good choice, no matter what has come out since.