Sunday, July 15, 2012

Two Finishes and Bag Ladies.

A week has slipped by without me taking time to post. Some progress was made. The felt ball got completed with a black cat on a blue mat and on the final pentagon a boomerang. It was posted of to Oz on Monday.
The vase of felt flowers I made (above ) is my contribution to "fabric flowers in vases," for on the tables in the cafe at our Exhibition in September. That is finish 2.
 Finish 3 is the kiwifruit pruning which was done by lunchtime Thursday. Today it  is raining, so we were lucky they got it all done in the fine.

 Friday was a very long day at P and Q group.We had our normal meeting and Show and Tell then at 11 am I started the Class - tutoring 14 ladies making bucket bags. They were given comprehensive written and illustrated instructions to keep, and refer to.( I was surprised how many did not bother to do so during the class. ) I have taught this same class before with very few problems, but this time many different errors were made. Not all by one person - they each had a turn except for 2 people.I realise now one had had so little patchwork experience this was a tough project for her...but we found solutions and she is going to make 2 bags so none of her fabric is wasted.
Without me going in to detail about the unpicking lets just say by the time I got home at 9 pm ( after our Pizza dinner which was yummy ) I was was exhausted mentally and physically. The ladies say they had a ball and really really enjoyed their long day sewing.
 I know there was nothing wrong with the instructions given verbally or on paper as one lady had finished her bag by 3pm.
 Here she is doing the final top stitching.
 3 others got almost finished. Here are some of the fabric chosen by the ladies that I think will make a lovely finished bag.

 I will work with the ladies who didn't get finished ( for many different reasons ) till they all have their bags done.
 ( blogger is restricting me from putting up more photos, so that's all I can show you today )

 Be sure to check in tomorrow as I will be posting photos from the Papamoa Patchers Exhibition I went to yesterday.


Jennifer said...

What an interesting bag - is it your own design? Love those felt flowers too, so cute!

Elizabeth said...

The bag is lovely. Some gorgeous colour choices too.

Diane-crewe said...

sometimes folks just are not "with it" and you need to just let them be in their own time .. dont blame yourself or your pattern xx Google hates us all at times ...does it to keep us on our toes I feel x

Fran├žoise said...

That was a busy week! The patchwork bag is great and the felt flowers look lovely too.
I hope you had a nice weekend.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Jennifer, No the bag is not my design. I first saw it made by Joyce in Canada who had got the pattern from a 4 part tutorial on the blog of the Welsh Quilter.
You will find it if you go to and go back through her posts till you get to June 2007.( listed on the right hand side )
Cheers Ali.