Saturday, July 21, 2012

Winter Work.

Let's start with something bright. This Arctotis( flamingo ) is in a vase on the lounge coffee table. I managed to find a small bunch of bright faces to brighten the room.( some late rosebuds, some paper whites an azalea- all of the same pink or white tone. )
 I am not working in the orchard today it is dull and noisy out there. Yesterday I worked as far away from the hedge trimmer as I could. Today the piles of cut hedge are getting deeper. This is what is happening.
 Notice the 6 whirring blades that do the cutting
 Down where I was yesterday is finished. This hedge has the main high tension power line running diagonally across part of it and has to be kept 10 metres below it.

He has made such a neat job of it.
 In the photo below it shows just how high up his cutting heads will reach.

This is my work place  yesterday. If you look hard you can see I parked my tractor with my gear on right in the middle of the block. This block is between the 2 hedges in the previous 2 photos. Notice how bare and open it all is during the Winter and straight after pruning.You can see the canes that have been tied down onto the wires which will sprout and grow next year's Crop of kiwifruit.
 Today I am having a catch up day. R is away for most of the day so I can do as I please( well I usually do anyway! ). I have made a hearty pot of soup. Tidied my computer work area, done some throwing out always good; now I am about to approach my sewing cupboard. Maybe late I will venture out for  walk but it's not too inviting. I hope you enjoy something you like this weekend. (Tomorrow I will try and upload a short video of the cutter so you can hear the noise.) 


Jennifer said...

It must be awesome to see those cutters at work! When we visited NZ we were very impressed with the high hedges. What happens to the clippings?

Ali Honey said...

They get mulched - that's the next job. We get a guy with a monster muncher to do it as our tractor mowers get wrecked trying. Will show photos when it happens.