Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fibre Artist Trading Card.

This morning I decided to make a fun Fibre Artist Trading Card to serve as a Birthday card for my friend Liz, ( for next Tuesday). It is 2 layers of reinforced felt, with Happy Birthday embroidered on the back. The front has Angelina fibres , ribbon, net and paua. It is the usual size of 3.5 " by 2.5"; so is smaller than this photo shows.


Shirley Goodwin said...

It's interesting working in such a small space, isn't it? I haven't done ATCs but I've been doing 6x4 fabric postcards, which are fun.

Nice views across to the sea - I spent 28 years in Rotorua before moving to the SI in 2002, so I'm very familiar with the BOP area.

joyce said...

I love your work. NZ looks beautiful. I have been to Australia several times because my daughter lives there and next time we go we have promised ourselves a visit to NZ on the way. I have heard only good things about the people and the country.

Ali Honey said...

Hi shirley and Joyce,
I am really surprised how many Bloggers seem to have spent at least some of their lives in NZ. Some of us our whole lives. I saw the post card collection that was travelling with the Quilt Shows last year. They started in Alaska but were from lots of countries. They were mentioned in NZ Quilter mag.There was also some in Quilting Arts mag.I have also seen part of a collection of an owner who has 700!