Thursday, April 27, 2006


As we have several walnuts trees, this time of the year involves lots of bending over picking up fallen walnuts. Today's yield filled a whole sack...About the 4th so far this season. The nuts still in their shells get spread out on old sheets in the sun to fully dry out before we shell them. The photos is the result of one shelling session last year. We then bag them and freeze them...That way they stay wonderfully fresh. Walnuts are really good for you so we eat lots and give lots away and even sell a few.

I also spent some time selecting some fabric from my cupboard to start a small project to take to patchwork group tomorrow. Both my other quilts being worked are now too large to take. I am making a padded cover for a book, so did the measuring, cutting, batting cutting and seams today so tomorrow I can begin the hand work on it. I take everything with me in this black and white bag I made.

While I was at my cupboard I decided it was a bit messy so set about organizing it so I can find what I want quickly and easily. I do have tidy! But that's just me keeping me happy. Something else that I find useful to me (and some people would laugh at) is keep a reference notebook where I record any quilt/patterns I think I may want to return to, before I stash my quilting mags away in the cupboard when I have finished the initial read of them - it certainly saves time when trying to locate an article I vaguely remember.

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Deb H said...

YIKES! Walnuts! My hubby is alergic to them, that's why I use pecans in my pear salad! Thanks for your note on my blog though!