Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bright Busy Sunday.

Another warm clear day. I started it with a walk right up in the Quarry Park behind us. Here is how the Bay of Plenty looked early this morning. ( note the dry paddocks )
Our property is right in the middle of this photo. Look for the trimmed shelter trees. One kiwifruit block can be seen from here. Mt Maunganui on the horizon.

The lookout in the Quarry Park.

 Here is the completely stuffed and sewn up ball # 18  ready to be embroidered. I have started that yesterday. I will show progress as I go.I picked these as they were blocking a path (the  heads are so heavy they lean forward )They are sitting happily on the fire as we are not needing that at the moment!  Now look closer aren't they beautiful!

( click to go closer still )
Leanne this is specially for you. Basil !

This morning R made the first batch of Pesto for the season from some of these plants.  I helped pick off the leaves but he did the rest. We freeze it. ( Recipe = basil, parmesan cheese, garlic, walnuts and a little oil )

It made this much.


We are having visitors for dinner tonight so I better get onto some jobs. Still no rain!
( Very sorry you are having no luck with your tomatoes Meg. )


Guðrún said...

The flowers are gorgeous, the color so blue and bright.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful blue hydrangeas!

Deb said...

What an absolutely stunning blue of your hydrangeas Ali. Gorgeous. Are you drying them or just sitting them in water?
hugs Deb

Bubble said...

What lovely pics Ali, that really makes me homesick!! Love the pesto that sounds quite easy to make. xxxxx

Meggie said...

My tomatoes are such a dismal failure it is spectacular!!
OMG that Pesto loods sooo delicious. I use pinenuts when I make it, but walnuts sound nice too.
The blue of those Hydeangas is so beautiful!! I had some some glorious pinks... but they are gone to Gom!

Meggie said...

Whoopsi, Hydrangeas of course!!I dont want folks thinking -read knowing- I am deranged!!