Sunday, January 17, 2010

Many Beautiful Quilts.

We had a little more rain overnight! The vege plants love it!

This morning I drove the 24 kms to see the Katikati Kwilters' Exhibition. So many beautiful quilts from just a small group of about 25 ladies. They have a show every 2 years. I took some photos but have learned not to take too many; just the ones I really like for a reason or ones where there is a technique I want to find out about and try. I remebered to take a few notes this time too. here are just a few.
I loved the crisp white ( which looks grey here )and quite an unusual colour combination. This quilt by Jillian Royackers got my viewer's choice vote.

The colours in this bargello by Ella Forno were stunning.

Meggie I took this one for you. Do you recall seeing the same pattern at another show I went to ( you liked the stitcheries of Mrs. Mouse doing housework )This is by Sherry Lord.

This cushion was in the Challenge section. They had to use the pale white blue fabric. It didn't win but I liked it best.

The guest exhibitor was Lois Wine who is from Tirau ( see her shop website on my side bar ). I had seen her Firemen quilt ( after 9/11) at a Hamilton Show so didn't photograph it again. Instead I took these 2 of her work.


Rather stunning work eh?

 I aslso liked this bag by Ann Barker ( a Nai-Sa-bag pattern ).

And more black and gold by Jillian Royackers.

( all enlarge with clicking )
Well done Katikati ladies!
Last evening I got out the fabric I was thinking of making a pastel butterfly quilt from. It is just a small charm pack. BUT it is the 2nd time I have had it on the table and I still don't like how it goes together. Loulee has used the same fabrics. She started making blocks before she came to NZ. She took all the blue fabrics out. That idea still didn't help me I know that if I don't like how the fabrics look before sewing I will certainly not like the quilt SO for the time being they have gone back in the cupboard with 2 options left to me. Either; they just become stash which is fine ; or I have to find other darker fabric to put with it . Umm.....I will continue to think on that one.
Meanwhile I will just work on the felt ball and my table runner.


Jennifer said...

Sometimes the fabrics or colours just don't speak to you, and if they don't then it's difficult to work with them. Thanks for posting the pics of the quilt show.

loulee said...

I have to confess, my version has ground to a halt too. It needs something more, a plain I think, to help everything else play nicely. I'm dabbling with lots of things at the moment, so I'm not getting it out again for a while.

Bubble said...

My favourite is the love hearts beautiful xxxx

Helen said...

Hi Ali

Just catching up (way behind with blog reading as usual) and I saw this lovely quilt in black, white and green with a hint of yellow. It is very eye-catching. Thanks for sharing.