Sunday, January 31, 2010

Butterflies and Kingfishers.

Oh, you should have been here half an hour ago we were having freshly made date scones for morning tea ( at the computer ) ( no crumbs in the keyboard )! Next time perhaps.
It is raining and raining so we are very pleased.
This misdirected young Kingfisher tried to fly through the ranch slider and had a sore head for a while. Luckily he has flown away since. ( he is possibly one of a young family who hatched in a hole in the bank  directly behind the vege garden. )( Lots of birds fly into our glass - I thought that only happened if it was really clean .)

I worked on this Red Admiral Butterfly motif for the felt ball last night. It is smaller than it looks here and still has to have details added once on the ball. I made a cricket bat and ball too, but I think it could be mistaken for a bottle of wine!
Yesterday I made a big batch of Chutney to use some of the excess courgettes and beans and tomatoes.

As the rain keeps sweeping across in heavy showers I think any garden activities will have to wait. I have been wet already today so will now try and stay dry and perhaps get my requirements ready for a class on 20th Feb with Mary Transom. She is coming to 20 of our group for the day. The class is Agapanthus ( that weed! ) but most of us want the technique rather than the suject matter.( the photos are on her site on the right hand side if you wish to see some of her wall hangings )
I might even get some other sewing done, but will need the lights on it is that dim.   BOP ( Bay of Plenty ) never does anything by halves hence the name - today it is rain - heavy rain. 

*Molly your clutch ball looks great - very bright.
* Thimbleanna, I'm so glad you now know I am a Kiwi not an Australian ( giggle ). We are similar but not interchangeable.
* Good, today I have time to look at everyone's blogs.


Jennifer said...

Poor little bird! If I had known you were having date scones I would have visited you. Mary Transom visited our NSW guild a year or two ago and brought her quilts to show, they are lovely.

Laurie said...

Living in BOP I understand the
"Lovely rain " my garden looks so good... but this weekend was the A&P show...shame and also the Lakeside Concert last night...but it went on and the family said they only had to put the umberellas up once.
Date scones ..yummy..

Joyce said...

It's nice to see rain instead of snow. I know that birds fly into dirty windows. They do it here all the time.

Laurie said...

I have just had time to look at Mary's site...oh! how I envy you your class

Bubble said...

A kingfisher, what a treat to see. xxxxxxxxx

Guðrún said...

The chutney looks delicious.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh! That little bird is so pretty! Yes, I learned early in my blogging career that Kiwis and Aussies are not interchangeable (learned that the hard way) but it's still hard for me to remember where everyone is when I'm reading post after post. None of us start our our posts...."Hello, here I am again from Indiana" etc. Someone thought I was from England the other day -- which was actually very flattering LOL!

Meggie said...

I loved seeing that little Kingfisher. I have loved them for as long as I can remember first seeing them in the Wairata Gorge!
How lucky you are to have such a lovely garden... yes, I know you work hard to keep it.