Saturday, January 23, 2010


A couple of days with drizzly rain have meant we have done some other than Kiwifruit things ( Yipeee ) We have shelled more stored walnuts. Roger is doing a 3rd batch of pesto this morning. This is the picking the leaves off the basil plant stage. That will be my perfume ( stronge ) today - it really clings.

In 2006 I read "The Lovely Bones," by Alice Sebold and loved it. Yesterday we went to the Movie and loved it.  Directed by Peter Jackson, from a screen play written by Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens and Peter Jackson; based on the book. It got some poor reviews - I'm giving it a GOOD one. The special effects were so good.
The felt ball now has a Kiwifruit and a capital A. The baby I am going to give it to was born last weekend named Alex Peter in North London to a Kiwi Dad an English Mum.
This weekend top priority for me is weeding ( on a large scale ) the garden along the driveway right out to the front gate. It didn't get sprayed as it usually does and now some weeds are taller than me with seed heads. So quite a challenge; but I do have plants in there that need rescuing and space to grow.
Meanwhile in other parts of the garden things are doing well.

This is my little extra vege garden. R built up the side so the dirt doesn't dry out and fall out of the little bed and this is the result. A row of Freezer Slim green beans and a row of Cavolo Nero and carrots just up.

These are the low growing freezer slim beans with white flowers that I pick one day and on the alternate day I pick these Scarlet Runners up in the main garden.

While I was going to take these photos some bright wee things called to me.

Wee low orange Zinnias

and Scabiosa Midnite.  I'm
off to weed now, while it's not too hot.
Thanks for your comments and glad you found my blog D and N in Alberta.


julieQ said...

Love all your growing is all dead and brownish here! Your patchwork ball is so pretty.

Andrea said...

My daughter and I are waiting to go and see Lovely Bones as we both loved the book.

paula, the quilter said...

The smell of the basil just leapt off my screen. Wonderful.

Molly said...

Lovely to see your flowers and veg. I had such lovely tomatoes coming along so nicely. Then we had a very un-Florida blast of winter [freezing] weather. R.I.P. my lovely tomatoes. Everything is brown, flowers and flowering shrubs dead or very dejected, citrus trees of long standing kaput! But the sun is out so we'll start over. Meanwhile I'll come here for my "fix!"

Guðrún said...

The felt ball is so cute.

Meggie said...

Lucky baby, to get that ball.
We had Scarlet Runner beans on a huge trellis. How I love them still!
I read the Lovely Bones, & enjoyed it, have just seen the movie, also enjoyed it. I did nit pick at the choice of a light eyed girl to play the child of dark eyed parents. I thought it well done, & my sister in Morrinsville loved both book and movie too.