Friday, January 15, 2010

I had the Day off !

Today was my P and Q Group's annual picnic, at Kulim Park in Tauranga. It is right beside the harbour but as the sea lettuce is quite smelly we sat back under the Pohutukawa trees for some shade. Most of the day was cloudy which stopped it being too hot. Ladies came and went and generally enjoyed a catch up chat; some did some sewing and everyone did some eating ( picnicing ). Here is what we could see from where we were sitting.
Note the lack of green grass. Also if you look closely there is a large cruise ship at the wharf. The Mt. ( Mauao ) is hiding behind the left hand tree.

Marie was working on a lovely quilt with aqua tones.
 Behind that green hedge is the railway line and 4 large trains went by while we were there. They shook the ground and were very loud!. ( the photo quality is marred by the dappled shade )
Later I went for a long walk  (in the heat ) with Dorothy who also likes walking. We saw this along the way.

Mt. Maunganui ( Mauao ). A little futher on we had to stop and wait at the flashing lights for this train.

It was long and carrying this load.

 After that I went for a cup of coffee and to the supermarket and got home just before 6 pm. It was still very hot at that stage.  28 dgrees C. SO not a kiwfruit all day - that makes a nice change.


Briggsy said...

ooooh it looks lovely and warm ... I'm looking forward to coming home to this lovely weather :)

Bubble said...

Goodness me i thought that grass was sand, it must be dry out there. Sounds like you had a lovely day off xxxx

Guðrún said...

Your country is so beautiful. Do you live on the south or the north part of NZ?