Friday, January 08, 2010

Busy Season For Us.

  We are making slow progress with our kiwifruit thining. Day after day there is so much to do. WE really, really need RAIN. The lawn is going brown in parts and the vege garden is needing constant watering as are any new plantings.WE know other parts of the world would be loving the warm sunny often windy days instead of the snow or floods some are getting. TOO much of any one thing is not good!
The only spare time I am getting is after dark . So I am doing something pretty easy - for me anyway as I have made 17 of these already. Felt Embroidered babies balls. If you don't know what I mean my very early blogs back in April 2006 showed the finished results.
Before I took up quilting this was the handwork I was doing. I have a record of the balls I made and who they were given to, as well as photos of most of them.
   I already had the parts prepared from back then. !2 different coloured identical pentagons reinforced with iron on backing. These are stitched together using blanket stitch with a knot to keep the stitches tensioned. Here it is inside out, with most of the seams finished. Some have to be left open to get the inner ( stuffing) in.
At this stage it is turned to the right side out.

The inner, which is wound to make it really firm is inserted. 2 metal bottle tops with a rattle / bell ( so it can be heard ) are in the middle with strips of batting wound around and secured with wool so it doesn't unwind.

It is a tight fit. (on purpose so it will have some bounce )

Now I have to close it from the outside. I hope to get that done before bed tonight.( this final closing is the trickiest part) I use big tacking stitches to lace it then remove them once the the proper stitches are done. I will show more as I get it made.
I wonder if you ever made a ball Helena after I sent you the instructions?
Thinking of all my friends who are being snowed upon! Stay safe . Stay warm.
Pam I have a spare lemon or 2 you may have.


Molly said...

I made some of these but they were from Ginny Beyer's book and made of cotton fabric. But I did make one of your clutch balls! So what's keeping me from showing you a picture?? Soon!
Meanwhile, I hope you get that rain you need.....

Gina said...

I've done a few cubes using log cabin blocks but never a ball. Definitely something to think about

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh -- I wish we could send you some snow -- then it would melt and you've have some water for your trees! Your little balls are so cute!

Bubble said...

You are so clever Ali, we still have the lovely felted ball that you made when Nancy was born,you are so talented, we will treasure it always(everyone always remarks on it too) xx

Meggie said...

My brother rang me from Auckland yesterday, said there was a lovely sunny day, but that Lazy wicked Auckland wind was chilling outdoors!
We have a heatwave happening- it was 40 degrees yesterday, & I had to use a paperbag & tissues to hold the steering wheel. TG for the new Airconditioner, it is wonderful!
Love your felt balls.

notHamilton said...

Thanks for the lemons Ali, if only they could be sent with feijoas in a few months...

How was the weather on the 8th? Do you think it'll be nice in a years time for an evening event?