Saturday, January 02, 2010

One Little Project Complete.

Yesterday afternoon was mine! I sorted  my new buttons and now have them all in colour family jars. ( pearl; white; black; brown; yellow; blue; green; red; black and white and just a few orange. ) I tidied my  sewing cupboard which had had a few things just popped away quickly - that didn't take long. My machine is now back on the big bench and I used it to complete my first little project for the year. It's another ( 2nd ) sky blue cushion for on the couches along with assorted others; mainly yellow. It looks fine on either the blue or black couch.The black leather needed a light bright touch.
It's a lovely fabric and I just did large swirls on the quilting loosly following the pattern on the fabric.. It only has thin batting on the top side. I don't much care for zips so like the others I have made I use a deep envelope flap, that overlaps by about 5 inches, that way the inner is still able to be removed for washing or changing around. It is sewn close to the outside edge then again half an inch in - what do you call that edging part????  Makes them look more finished  anyway in my opinion.

R spent quite a few hours in the heat working at tidying the vegetable garden; pulling out the row of peas and planting onion seeds on a tape; weeding the sweet corn and generally
maintaining. The tomatoes are getting large but are still green. The climbing beans have lovely red flowers but as yet no beans set. My runner beans in the far triangle are beginning to flower too. The corn is only as high as a cows eye - no elephants here-but looking good. White butterfies are about and have already hatched some caterpillars to chew my cavolo nero - I squashed 7 large and numerous small so hope I got them all.The vege growing area is quite spread out now. Big tubs up the back by the garden shed with broccoli and courgettes; pumpkins and potatoes on the mulch pile down between block 2A and the hedge; my small triangle down towards Block 2B with beans and cavolo nero and the main garden with tomatoes; climbing beans, corn; red onions; silverbeet; heaps of basil for pesto; capsicum; courgettes and Spring onions. Of course there are lettuces and mizuna and herbs and strawbs in my herb garden right by the house.
    Even with all that only about half of the food on our dinner plates last night were grown by us. ( potatoes; courgettes; red onion; silverbeet and peas.) ( the meat; carrot; tomatoes and pumpkin were all store bought) It was yummy anyway. How is your year progressing?

D and N in Lethbridge Canada, if you happen to have found your way in here I hope you enjoy reading back for 4 years of posts ( giggle ).


Argery Araya C. said...

Estimada amiga tienes una gran fortuna, una bendicion de Dios tan grande con tus sembrados , que este año que recibimos sea mejor y lastima no estar yo un poquito mas serca imaginese jijiji que plaser haberte encontrado siempre pense en conecer personas de ese pais, me encantaria me escribas a mi email y me cuentes las bellesas que observo desde aqui , que Dios te bendiga un abrazo a la distancia.

Guðrún said...

One project is one project and you can be proud of that.

Molly said...

You've jumped right in to the new year with those lovely pillows! Maybe this will be the year I finish a crewel pillow top I started when Lily was a baby! I did make one of your clutch balls for littlest grandson! It turned out very well. Will post a photo soon. Happy New Year to you and your hubby!

Meggie said...

It would seem I am doomed to never grow tomatoes. I went out to pick the huge ripe one, only to find it gone! Some lizard or perhaps a pesky possum or rodent has stolen it!
Your garden sounds divine.