Saturday, June 12, 2010

12 Hours is Enough.

Yesterday was our usual Friday P and Q Group day with an extension for Midnight Madness. No body stayed that late; we we never do. I left home shortly after 9 am and was back by 10 pm. 12 plus hours was long enough for me.
One of the activities for the day was to help put together the blocks for this years Raffle quilt for our Exhibition in September .It is all bright batiks and for once I think I will like the quilt for the raffle.( glad it is not another pale pastel, muted colours ) At the front is a pile of 4 matched parts for each block; behind are the 3 stages of construction. The blocks are then trimmed and assembled by just a couple of sewers.
In the morning at Show and tell one of our newer members had completed her first quilt. She started it last year while having treatment for breast cancer( how many times have I heard that lately ) and needed something to take her mind off herself so tried making a quilt. She did so well.
After we finished the raffle quilt blocks some of us started working on some fabric we had been donated. This time we are making quilts for the local Homes of Hope.
 Here is what I started.
Today with some of my own fabrics I am adding to this quilt.
As is our tradition we all had bought Pizza for dinner. They were delicious and we have a lot of fun together. By about 8 pm I had packed up my machine and sat and hand worked worked on felt embroidered ball # 20.


Jennifer said...

Ali, sounds as though you had a good time - I like the batik block!

Bubble said...

Goodness me you ladies are keen thats a long time xxxx

Joyce said...

The batik blocks are going to make a beautiful quilt. I'm with you, bright is where it's at!

Molly said...

My! You are an industrious group! Amazing how much more we can accomplish, working together.....Your new friend's quilt is lovely, and the batik quilt will be a beaut!