Sunday, June 27, 2010

Working on 3 Projects.

This is why I made a  tassel. ( out of embroidery cotton ) On Friday at P and Q , N provided us with instructions and a pattern to make this small etui ( or needle/ sewing case ). I find sewing on Friday quite difficult because I have lots else to be thinking about ( taking the meeting; greeting folk , etc, etc. ) and there is lots of talk, which I love, so mine didn't get completed till yesterday. I will be making some more of these as they are just right for little gifts. I can see some ways to improve on this one with top stitching and better cotton it was a learning process but I like that. Thanks N, you come up with some lovely small items for us to make.

Felt embroidered ball # 20 is also progressing in the evenings while we watch TV.( keeps me awake ) I did have to sew a black part in the daylight I just could not see under artificial light.
 It is being made for Poppy ( who is a baby who lives near the sea ) so has a capital P; a pink scallop shell; a bucket and spade; a seagull; a John Dory fish; an apple and a sheep, so far. 5 more motifs to decide on and sew.
I have also been working on my Challenge. I can't show it or somone from our group might see it.( not that they would want to copy ) So far I think it is going to be okay but I have tried for something a bit different ( as you do ) and am not at all sure how it will look. Eventually you will see photos of it but not yet. I think a lot of it will end up being raw edged applique as it is very pictorial  and curved.

Today I have mowed the lawns ( leaves ) and made bread but now I will get a bit more sewing my challenge done.


Meggie said...

I was given a gift very similar to that etui.
I understand it has been cold, and damp. My sister rang me from NZ this morning, & says it has been cold.

Laurie said...

I also have made this little purse, a couple of christmases ago I made it as my thank you gift, and it has gone all over the world... it is such a neat thing to make I made mine in Japanese prints and a plain lining, glad to see it's still being made.
I love the blue colour...have you noticed blue fabrics are not as popular in the shops, I have, as I love blues
Cross stitch going well and have not finished the sorting... stitched instead all weekend, a beautiful and peaceful time I have had.
Hugs Laurie

Molly said...

And you will be teaching us how to make one too, won't you? Please?!

Bubble said...

lovely xx

loulee said...

I've sent and recieved these little cases, they are so sweet.