Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Walking, walking.

R had an appointment at Bay Audiology late this afternoon but also wanted to swap some mower blades at Barkes Corner and take some recycling to the R station. So we went in the truck. To prove that senior people can be fit I walked from Marleme St at Barkes Corner back up Cameron Road to 1st Ave. Judging by the time it took I think it was 7 or 7.5 kilometres. I was rugged up as it is cold today but was overdressed by the time I got there. I had my camera in my pocket. Theses are 3 of the 4 most interesting things I saw.

A maori gateway into the Gate Pa Church.

A crane lifting materials for renovations on the Tauranga Hospital.
Late afternoon sun on the Hoop Pine in Hillsdene ( Tauranga Boys College Grounds. )
The 4th thing I wasn't quick enough to snap. A man on a small wheeled bike arrangement being towed by 2 dogs ( huskies ? ) at high speed .


Julz said...

Thank you for sharing your walk, its freezing here today/tonight too. That tree looks like something out of a Dr Seuss book! Keep warm. Hugs Jx

Bubble said...

Goodness Ali, that tree doesn't look real, amazing xx

Meggie said...

Tauranga Hospital. How different from the days I began training to be a nurse, at that very Hospital!