Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cards and Gifts.

This is the necklace I bought for my sister. I liked it because it is quite understated when on; looks great over black and is not too long. For an older person not too flashy is nice. Hope she likes it.
While shopping in that particular shop I found some cards I really liked, so stocked up. They are by 2 artists living in NZ. One card is for my sister's partner who has just been on a fishing trip in the Sounds. The card shows a typical bloke with 2 big fish he has just caught, very simply drawn. It was by Nick Fedaeff. ( blog in Russian but art good )
The other cards are by Mike Mayhew and I love his stylized work, of NZ scenes.


Bubble said...

Iam sure she will love it, its beautiful. xxx

Isabelle said...

Very elegant.

I love your felt balls!

Isabelle said...

Goodness, that sounded rude. You know what I mean...

Ali Honey said...

Thank you both. Isabelle I do know what you mean. I am very aware of those words so almost always try to include the word "embroidered" with the felt balls.
I don't wish my blog to be listed as an obscene site.

Meggie said...

I absolutely adore that felt Ball. It is a work of Art.
Also love the necklace for your sister.. wish it was mine!
Aren't Begonias the most lush & gorgeous blooming flowers! I will bet she loved it!