Friday, June 04, 2010

The Colour Red.

I felt compelled to take this photo of my rubber plant. This bud covering will fall off shortly as the new top leaf emerges.
Now dear readers when I asked for helpful suggestions for a birthday gift you let me down...not one bit of advice.......well I shopped anyway...didn't really have an option. Usually I have to post gifts to my sister as we live 5 plus hours apart, so some things are not suitable. Well this time can be different as we are meeting up half way this year for lunch on Sunday at Taupo. My niece and her hubby and 2 little girls just happen to be staying the weekend there too so we will all have lunch together. ( the weather fiorecast is foul ). My sister always gives gifts that have multiple parts( she just can't help herself ) I really prefer one good item. I had got her a nice necklace ( photo tomorrow ) but when I saw this red potted begonia I just had to get it for her. I wish it was staying at my house.

Kiwicarole , yes it was me having difficulty making scones to my satisfaction a while ago....I now suspect that batch of flour may have played a part. In my bread making book I read good advice about flour,how  temperature effects it etc when making bread ( which I do well ) and I think it probably applies to scones too. The scones made with  cream and lemonade do indeed freeze well - I just thawed one for my afternoon tea by zapping it for 40 seconds in the microwave and it was as good as freshly made.
Thimbleanna, yes you read correctly. My Driver's Licence is for 10 years - cost NZ $44.30. So that works out at NZ $4.43 a year so that is fine by me. When I am really old the time it is issued for will be reduced and medical test may be needed....but not yet thank goodness.
We have a 3 day weekend here in New Zealand starting tomorrow so Kiwis have a great Queen's Birthday weekend. (if you are out driving, be very careful - we have been warned that speed limits will have nil tolerance .


Bubble said...

have a great weekend xxxxx

Thimbleanna said...

You guys are so lucky -- it would be so convenient not to have to go in every 4 years. It looks like you got your sister some very nice gifts - even without us LOL. Have a great weekend!

James said...

Hi Mum, I found your blog!

Some great recent photos you've taken. That rubber plant seems alien - amazing colour. I just sent you some photos of the various plants growing on our balcony. I wish we had more space - the gardening bug has bitten me again after all these years!

I miss you
Love Jim