Monday, June 21, 2010

Is This Finished?

My Homes for Hope quilt top got completed to this stage today. But is it finished? It is large enough for a topper for a single bed but no overhang.

I have been in the garden planting my garlic.( shortest day ) While there I decided to pull out this pathetic effort at a row of carrots. They will form part of our dinner tonight .  I/ we really can't grow good carrots in this area- compared to Ohakune carrots that  we get so cheaply. They look better washed than they did in the ground.
 While outside I had a wee visitor. ( a New Zealand fantail )
 It came right up to my shoe and didn't seem to be able to fly more than a few feet. Is it a baby?...very small...or is something wrong with it?....I'm not sure. I hope it survives.
 Now another question. I had an email from Amy who is the CEO of asking me to make blocks for a quilt ( 12 by 12 inch  or 9.5 by 9.5 inch ) to raise money for their cause. Have a look at their website and also Suture for a Living who is supporting this.
 Did any of you get the same request? Is it a legitimate cause? Still considering if I will do this.


Deb said...

Hi Ali, I bet your carrots are lovely and sweet though. Yes I had an email about the blocks also but I declined. I didn't look into it further though.
hugs Deb

kiwicarole said...

Yes Ali, I also had the email. I have also declined.
I've been growing the baby carrots and having much more luck with them, beautiful and sweet and so nice to pick and eat raw.

Joyce said...

The quilt looks finished to me. Somebody will love it no matter the size.
I planted a lot of carrots but they are just showing through the ground now. I have high hopes.

Meggie said...

I love little Fantails. Have not seen one for years.
I really like your quilt top.
Any carrots would suit me! They look nice to my eyes.
I do not know of the email person/s.

julieQ said...

I bet the carrots were yummy! Cute visitor you have there...I have not received any request like this for quilt blocks.