Monday, June 07, 2010


( Not Mt. Ruapehu but my dessert - Lemon baked Alaska. I couldn't eat it all - too sweet and too big )
Yesterday we travelled down to Taupo as planned. The weather was as awful as fore casted.This was the only photo I took of the scenery as it was so dull and wet - Lake Taupo at it's dreariest.
Inside it didn't matter we had a lovely family lunch; they let us sit there for 3 hours which was most accommodating of them - they weren't busy!
It was a multiple Birthday celebration really. I showed you what I had got for my sister who is 3 years my senior  - her birthday is on June 18. Mine is today ( I get a National Holiday ) and my sister's partner D, was about 10 days  ago; he was the same age as me. My niece and her husband and 2 lovely girls 5 and 8 were there too.  So a good opportunity to exchange gift and produce. We took Avocados and Kiwifruit for their 2 families and were given some home grown Waygu beef and freshly caught Hapuka ( Groper )( fish ).
We travelled home via Hamilton and spent a couple of hours at elder son and his partner's place where he cooked us dinner. R drove all the way through wet conditions - we saw 10 traffic officers cars (one even guarding a boat on a trailer with a flat tyre for someone*  )and I am pleased to say we saw no dangerous driving.
I have been very spoilt with lots a lovely gifts and cards and a funny email message from a former school friend with whom I correspond from time to time he wrote this:
"Greetings and felicitations on your Birthday.A national holiday on which to celebrate. Not only a national holiday but a fortnightly payment deposited to your bank account by the rest of us appreciative taxpayers. I do wish you abundant Good health and Great joy. Kind Regards etc."
 I had a good laugh.    Today I smell of new perfume, have 4 new books to read; some fabric to admire and some assorted small items to use. It all certainly is helping easing my way into - well being a slightly older person. The sun is even trying to shine and dry up the 49 mls more rain we got. 


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! Sounds as though you had a busy day yesterday, but a good day.

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday lovely to spend it all together with the look of the baked Alaska my's made me want to make one

Meggie said...

Happy Birthday Ali! Loved the wording in that card! haha.
Taupo can be dreary when it is wet and cold, but as you say, good company can make up for any weather deficiencies!

Tracey Petersen said...

Happy birthday to you! Was that your birthday Alaska? I'd like to come to your party if it was...

Leanne said...

Very Happy birthday!
Sounds like it was a good day!
Enjoy the pay check! He gave away your age.

Lots of Love Leanne, Brent, Abbey & James.

Bubble said...

Happy Birthday Alison, sounds like you had a really nice family time. Your pudding looked yum i could almost taste it. Your family are so lucky that you take avocadoes and kiwifruit for them, i wish we were nearer and you could bring some to us. Lots of love Sal xxxx

Molly said...

Happy Birthday fellow Gemini! Sounds like a lovely family get-together!