Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Got a Bargin.

( I'll come to the bargin further down this post.) While we had a sunny day I planted out my new gift( thanks S ) hybrid tea rose called Wise Woman.( named to commemorate the midwifery centenary in NZ ) As it says on the label it is a happy healthy Matthews rose. The instruction label is all written in the first person and made me laugh, and even says" talk to me if you like, then I will be a very happy healthy Matthews rose."

Yesterday R had to go to Grace Hospital for most of the day and I had to be driver and carer. ( he's fine ). While he was there I went shopping in the closest suburb Greerton ( I don't often visit these shops ) as I wanted to find some new embroidery cotton ( floss ) and found a few fat quarters to use in my challenge and a mag. That was all planned; the visit to a clothing shop less so, but I have never seen such a lovely range of woollies ( jerseys jackets, pants etc. ) So have added a few items to my winter wardrobe. Even less planned was the above book purchase. The bargin. It was sitting on  sale stand on the pavement. After browing through it for a good 10 minutes I decided at NZ $20 it had to be mine. Is anyone familiar with this book? The info all seemed accurate and good. It may even end up in our P and Q group's library.I am reading it first then I'll decide. ( I am guessing it was originally NZ $60, at least. ) I think I was meant to discover it !
Later I went for a big walk around a new subdivision It was a really dull day but there was lots to look at. We need a new backdoor so I have been studying them.
This is the one I like best so far. We have only a small space so can't get a big double door.

I found it a second time in a noddy house.( if like me you had Noddy books as a child you will know his house made of kids building blocks had a front entrance just like this....why do they do that?)
This whole subdivision has bird names ( Kakpo Pl; Quail Close; Tui Ridge etc. )
which brings me to another subject. Birds. If you live in NZ you might like to help with this:

These 2 pages can be printed off from the website and either completed on line or by ordinary mail. There are last year's results and some birdsong recordings. It only takes one hour to do. 


Laurie said...

Noddy house ..oh! yes looks just like it I agree.
Football result was just fantastic, I watched it from the comfort of my bed...admit I was nodding off then wham!! I am fully awake and almost leving the bed, but cheering on your own is just not quite the same.

Bubble said...

I love a bargain and especially books. Where is the new subdivision??? xxxxxx

Jennifer said...

Looks like a very interesting and useful book!

Ali Honey said...

Bubble it is opposite Grace Hospital....but that's no use because it is new too. Both are situated between Oropi Road and Pyes Pa Road. That end of the city off the end of Cameron Road past the Race Course has turned into a huge built up area. It used to be orchards. Also out that end of the city near Tauriko is the big Lakes subdivision.
Quite a lot of changes since you were here last!

Molly said...

No better treat than a great book bargain! And double the fun if it's a quilting book. Your wise woman looks very happy. You must be saying all the right things to her!

Molly said...

No better treat than a great book bargain! And double the fun if it's a quilting book. Your wise woman looks very happy. You must be saying all the right things to her!

Leanne said...

Thanks for tip re chillies, we have them picked - 30 I didn't know we had that many & they are on the windowsill.
Also we will count the birds too!
We are off up your way Monday back to Hamilton - will wave when we see Tauranga sign.

Love Leanne

Bubble said...

Goodness, we wouldn't recognise it. I take it Tauranga is still growing??? What is the population now.Are they still building and are the houses selling?

Nancy's writing Ali, that was written in the dark inher bed, her writting has really improved . She has just written a card for Daddy for Fathers Day and her writing is neater than mine. Growing too quick. Lots of love xxxxx

Molly said...

They tied! One to one! Were you watching??

Ali Honey said...

Yes Molly. Good result Eh !

Meggie said...

My Cousin lived in a Greerton subdivision. They sold because it became too crowded, and noisy, but their house was lovely.
They are now in the Lakes and are much happier.
What a brilliant idea to take note of the birds.

Wise Woman is very beautiful.