Thursday, April 05, 2012

Change of Activities.

Yesterday R chainsawed out a dead port wine magnolia tree. It took 3 truck loads to remove. Some was large enough for firewood. After he finished that I ressurrected the garden around the stump and then cleared the whole length of the shell path beside the driveway. Needless to say we were both tired. Today was the start of the firewood shed being filled.The logs have been cut into rings and stacked to dry for months so R then has to load the truck with big rings ( heavy ) and drive to the log splitter where it takes him about 90 minutes to split the lot. ( the truck hold about 3.6 cubic metres ) He then drives home to the woodshed where we both work at unloading the truck and stacking the shed.. ( good for my upper body strength! )
The truck is backed in, the hoist put up and the tailgate dropped open so that makes for easy access.The photo shows what we see standing in the shed behind the truck. You just reach out and grab the wood, turn and stack it in neat rows.
As we empty the deck the hoist is raised further so the wood rolls down towards us. ( look out ) This year we have gum; cherry and some port wine magnolia ( never had that before -  I wonder if it will smell nice like it's flowers? )
Tomorrow we will do another load then another load till the shed is completely full.We use heaps as we have the fire going all winter. There was a little left over from last year too as we were away for 6 weeks.
 But there is no hurry as you can see in this photo the fire has disappeared.
It is still away at the metal doctors having some repairs.
Today I have also been making bread.
I sat across the bench and sewed; that way I can look right into the oven.
 I am pleased with the  dark maroon borders I have attached next on my quilt. Then will come some mid green ones. So just a little progress there. I can't believe how well it is all coming together.

    * It is still fine and windy here. ( 26 degrees yesterday )( sorry Isabelle ) My washing was dry in an hour and a half.
 * Kiwis there is a good deal on petrol ( 25 cents off ) at NW  if you spend $150 this weekend. (The opposition may well match that - they sometimes do.)
   * We have some outings planned. Easter Saturday is now a tradition for us ; must go to the Used Book Sale.  There is also a Quilt Exhibition on I want to see.

* walnut tally = 680

Wishing you All a Happy Safe Easter weekend. 
 I am sending Meg an extra Greeting. Stay strong my friend.


Diane-crewe said...

good luck with all that stacking, I would help but.....xx

Meggie said...

Thankyou Ali. One day to go before the consult at RPA, then a biopsy on Wed. After that...
You work extremely hard!