Sunday, April 29, 2012

Creatures I've met Recently.

This little hedgehog was a fast mover. I heard her / him  outside the office window chasing crickets. There were 2 big black crickets and she cornered them and ate them both. This one tried to burrow down to escape but  she dug faster than it did.
 I went for a walk this afternoon and met Percy Peacock who I hadn't seen in a while. This is how he looks today all moulted and dishevelled. I said, "Hi Percy ! Are you hungry? If you wait here for 3 minutes I'll pop back to the house and get you a piece of 12 grain Vogel Bread."
He didn't reply ( funny that ,) but did follow me and wait.
Our young ones were down for the weekend, which is never long enough but J spotted this NZ preying mantis inside the house on the windowsill on this red glass.
 Maybe it was colour blind and thought it was camouflaged. It is now happily in my herb garden. 

 Walnut shelling has started for this year's crop. J did some to take back to the big smoke and this afternoon R and I both shelled this lot.
 Have you all had a pleasant weekend?


Jennifer said...

Poor Percy looks very bedraggled!

Cottage Tails said...

I've nevr seen a hedgy eat - well only milk and bread (which is not meant to be good for them)
I was telling Brent of your walnut count - Love Leanne

Ali Honey said...

Leanne, I think it is okay to feed them water and cat food. This one didn't need feeding she was quite capable of finding plenty. she was attaching them really viciously.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, it looks so lovely where you are. I'd LOVE to see a real hedgehog. We just get bunnies and chipmunks. ;-(

Isabelle said...

I'm amazed that you get hedgehogs. How can that be when they're native here??? It's a long swim for them...

Love those quilts from the quilt show - and yours too. So talented.

Nice weekends are a bit rare here at the moment what with the deconstructing of my Mum's stuff, but I have hopes for the weekend to come. Hope yours was good.

Françoise said...

The little hedhehog looks so cute! We used to see some of them here from time to time, but not anymore. That's sad.

carole brungar said...

Hedgehogs and walnuts, now there's a lovely combination! It's very chilly down here now.