Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mostly Mundane.

Not a very clear photo but these are the( Californian ) quails who visit every day. 15 in this group. 13 are male and only 2 female, so that's not good for future growth.
Autumn jobs and repair jobs have been getting done. Mundane but necessary stuff.
The fire ( log burner ) is back in place and being used. It was a big struggle for just the 2 of us to get it out so R asked another younger R to come and help and with the 2 blokes lifting and me inserting the old skateboard underneath at various times we got it back inside and reattached to the chimney pipe quite quickly. It has new fire bricks and many reinforced parts all painted . This time the stove paint stunk us out, so all doors open to get rid of the fumes. It has been painted often before and never given off someone must have changed something in the paint formula. it's great to have the house warm in the evenings again.
These blokes came and sand blasted the rusty spots on the container.... it's quite a brightly coloured truck !
 This is R undercoating all the spots that got sand blasted.The photo was taken from up at the house looking down across one small kiwifruit block to where the container stands down off the driveway.Understandably he now has jeans and a shirt that are undercoated too. Never mind there is another coat of paint to go on sometime soon and another painting job.
 Meanwhile I have been writing the P and Q Newsletter as the Editor in is UK for 2 months. I am really better as the sub editor and proof reader but have managed and I guess I learn something when it isn't all plain sailing. I'm not a typist and always find it frustrating when things move or even disappear when I am not expecting them too.

The worst thing that happened yesterday when I was trying to quickly sneak in a bit of sewing...the machine wouldn't sew properly! Help! What's wrong? I resorted to the manual and after about 30 wasted minutes have it back working normally. Having fixed it, I'm not totally sure I know what was wrong but think the needle had come partly out. Anyway a new needle was inserted and many other things checked.The 2 coasters I was quilting a star design on only took 10 minutes.

 The kiwifruit is almost ready!
Walnut tally =  2088


Jennifer said...

Nights here have been getting colder's nearly time to light our fire!

Bubble said...

Lovely post Ali, i felt like i was right there with you xxx