Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Other Parts of our Property.

Yesterday afternoon I needed a walk so took the camera and went down through the bush to see what R had been working on. Along the way I spied some bright bracket fungi.
 This is what he had been doing...making a new culvert across the creek so he can more easily access a rough area that needs the weeds spraying out.The pipe you see in the creek was left over from another project many years ago. Percy Peacock used to perch on it where it was previously lying beside a shelter hedge. I wonder if he will miss it? R loves doing tractor work and still has more to do here. The bank to the left has to be bladed away to fill the crossing. I think many blokes enjoyed there childhood days playing in sandpits so this is a hangover from that. This is in an area of native bush and scrub that is on the un flat ( therefore unsuitable for orchard ) part of our land. The grass parts in this area are able to be kept mown and neat by R using the hustler mower.
 This area in a small clearing has some uglies who keep watch! I prefer the trees myself.
 This is the foliage of my favourite NZ native tree, the Miro. ( belongs to the pine family but has soft delicate leaves and a graceful growth habit.) Miros have small red berries that the native pigeons Koreru, love to eat. As far as I know this particular Miro hasn't yet started to berry but one close to the house has and we see the pigeons diving into it for a feed. Also on their menu are Puriri berries.
 There are plenty of ripe berries on this Puriri tress for the native pigeons.
 Next post I will show some very bright Autumn flowers that caught my eye.
 A small amount of sewing has happened. The words binding and hand sewing will give a clue as to where I am at with my little quilt.
Gardening has also been happening.
Walnut tally now =1735


Jennifer said...

Love that Miro tree, it's lovely! You must have some interesting plants.

Thimbleanna said...

It looks like you have such beautiful property. The picture of your miro reminds me a bit of our hemlock tree. Very pretty pictures!

Rose Marie said...

Was the stone statue left there by ancient peoples? You have a gorgeous property and it is lovely to see wee snippets of it from time to time.

Meggie said...

Love this post. Seeing the bush and the native trees...
My favourite is Rimu, not sure why, but I love their graceful weeping appearance.