Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Quilts and Books.

Many different Patchwork techniques were seen at the Quilt Exhibition from the previous post. This is a small part of a quilt called Blue Delft. It was started by Rinny Gordon and finished after her death by Sandy Green. It is done using reverse appliqué. If you look closely you can see how the layers are on top each other.The top fabric is cut away and turned under.
I thought this clam shell design was really effective by using the black dividers.

Grandmother's Garden has never been one of my favourites but I like hexagons. When the colours are carefully chosen and their is a design, I start to like it.

 The leaves on these vines appeared to be hand appliquéd and the colours were lovely. I think this was by Bev Dyke.
 Hot Flash by Sue Spiegel, was simple but interesting the shot fabric catching the light from different angles.
 As well as the quilts on Saturday we had a great time at the Rotary Used Book Sale ( held every Easter for the last 25 Years. ) it is the largest used Book sale held in NZ. So good that it is near us! We had donated books so had room to stock up on some great bargains. Magazines were 5 for a dollar, so I selected 10 Patchwork and Quilting ones I didn't have! I got 15 books and R got about 10 so that should keep us reading for a while. Some we will both read . Some I saw and Knew R would like them so got those. Once we arrived at the sale we split up and each look on separate tables as there is a lot to cover. This year they had 100,000 items. ( books, magazines, sheet, music, videos, tapes, DVDs and Jigsaws. ) this included kid's books and some valuable items. The limiting factor is you have to be able to carry what you select.The bags get heavy!
 All the books were marked with a coloured spot and were between $1 and $8. It is a huge fund raiser for Rotary and also a lot of work but very worthwhile.


Molly said...

That Blue Delft quilt is on my bucket list! I should do a post on a quilt show I attended last month ---there were a few versions of "Delft" on display.

julieQ said...

I have the pattern book for the blue delft blocks, I love them!! Glad you have some new reading to peruse..

Diane-crewe said...

I think the clam shell is my fav. xx

honeyclarck said...

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Leeanne said...

Some really pretty quilts, thank you for sharing.

Meggie said...

My favourite is Hot Flash.