Friday, April 06, 2012

Wee Blue Egg.

I had not really thought of this wee blue egg as an Easter ornament till Isabelle showed her lovely eggs on the table with the beautiful cloth, ( Thanks ),but I suppose it is.  Selvage blog had a paisley egg and a very clever lady Holly @ Twisted Poppy makes and sells beautiful eggs.
 My little egg belonged to my Mother in law. Not sure where she got it from. Does anyone else have lovely eggs that aren't chocolate?( not that some of them aren't lovely .)
I have finished the knee rug quilt that I am making for my friend D. I hope tomorrow I can pick up a nice piece of backing for it then get on with quilting it. I don't have exactly the right piece in my cupboard! ( you know how it is.)
The port wine magnolia stump made by R cutting out the dead tree has now become a plinth for one of my big blue pots that used to be on another stump that rotted.
 I am well pleased with that.


Diane-crewe said...

funny how we never have the right fabric!! lol have fun shopping... will you JUST be buying the backing I wonder?

Molly said...

Beautiful egg! It looks almost enameled? And your lap quilt is looking lovely---your friend will be so happy!

Meggie said...

I have 2 Cloisonne Eggs that a lovely Chinese man gave to Gom, for being so kind to his daughters. He brought them home to Australia, from a visit to China, to a Trade Fair.
I think that Lap quilt is just beautiful- very cheery.