Saturday, April 14, 2012

Onto the Quilting.

During the week we have had one wet day and 2 damp nights which gave us 2" of needed rain. It also gave me time to baste and begin quilting the lap top I am making for my friend D. On the right in the photo is the backing fabric I got last weekend. It has similar colours to the patchwork.
 Things can start to get really scruffy and untidy in the garden during Autumn but there are still some great coloured flowers for me to pick.
This Vireya Rhododendron has really healthy glossy leaves and lots of colour.
I have been giving some grapes away, and we are eating lots, but still the wasps have started into them and many then rot when hollowed out. But they are not necessarily a bee and a red admiral butterfly are getting the probably fermented juice from the rotting grapes. Also in the photo a 3rd insect - a pest to us - can be seen down in the bottom left corner.( the passion vine hopper that puts honeydew on our kiwifruit which then grows sooty mould.) ( you may have seen them on beans if you grow them, the teenage stage of this insect we call fluffy bums for obvious reasons; cute maybe but a pest all the same. )
 Within the next 3 weeks our kiwifruit crop should be ready to pick.
 Many have got to be a good size, so we hope we get a reasonable pack out, but I know amongst the fruit there are lots that are quite square shaped and might be in or out...time will tell. If  we have already thrown them on the ground they stand no chance, so I have left lots of borderline ones .The graders in the pack house have to have something to pull out and decide about.
 Isabelle we have that very blue sky back again...much chillier nights but beautiful days.
We have both been standing in the kitchen, this morning,  peeling and cutting up buttercup pumpkins for soup. To our dismay we are discovering some are not storing well. Some are still on the plants growing but some picked and stored in the shed need lots of pumpkin soup..and mashed and roasted and fritters. It's okay J and V there will be lots left for you.
Thank you for your comments on the last 2 post about the quilts. All the ladies at my P and Q group, who I saw yesterday,  that got to see them last weekend agreed it was a fine display of beautiful NZ quilts.
Walnut tally = 885


Diane-crewe said...

lots of lovely colours to brighten your day... and inspire your sewing xx

Bubble said...

Wow awesome kiwi fruit xxxxxx

Meggie said...

As always, your flowers are just beautiful.
Love that quilt and that fabric for the backing seems perfect.

Molly said...

Ah ha! Fermented fruit juice! That explains a lot about the crazy flight path of butterflies! I can often be seen [by birds in the trees] capering around in the garden, camera in hand, begging them to land on a flower and hold still for just a second!

Eager to see your finished quilt....

Ever done a "Scrappy Stack and Slash" pattern? That's what I'm at at the moment.....while the UFUs languish!