Sunday, April 08, 2012

Fabulous Quilt Exhibition.

Yesterday we had a wonderful day out. One high light was going to the NZMCA Easter Rally at Bay Park Tect Arena ( never been there before, only seen it on TV ) to see a quilt exhibition called One Couple's Quilts, featuring some of NZ's best quilters.
 Proceeds were in aid of the Cancer Society. Many of the quilters or their husbands had died of cancer.The Exhibition was in 3 parts.
 Quilts made or purchased by Rinney and Peter Gordon.
 The second part was quilts made by NZMCA members or  friends and Cancer Survivors. The 3 rd Section was by Guest Exhibitors: Mary Transom; Lois wine; Susan Claire; Bev Dyke; Gwen Wanigasekera and the late Barbara Bilyard. There were 82 quilts, so I can only show you those quilts that appealed most to me. Some quilts I had seen before and that was like meeting old friends. ( They will have featured on my blog somewhere in the past few years so I won't repeat those. ) I really like it when I can know who has made a quilt without even looking at the name tag! ( Yes, you have your own style - but sometimes you surprise! )
 # 53 above was a small hanging by Bev Dyke called Morning Sunburst.

 #1 was a 1991 Award winning quilt  by Gwen Wanigasekera entitled Putanga O te Ra ( Birth of the Sun )
 # 44 was Dawn Chorus by Lois Wine.
 # 45 That Japanese Doll Quilt by Susan Claire has travelled the world.
 # 77 William Morris by Linda Evans.
 # 43 by Lois Wine entitled Ballerina of the Highway, was painted on silk from a photo. The colours were stunning.
 # 2 , Autumn Cloak was a small 5 panel hanging by Gwen Wanigaskera made from satin and silk neck ties!

I think New Zealand has some amazingly talented Quilters. I might be biased but everyone I spoke to quilter or not agreed. If you are anywhere in the area of this exhibition it is on till 5pm today Sunday and well worth the visit!
 Tomorrow I will tell you about the Used Book Sale; some fabric purchases and maybe even some more quilt photos.


Diane-crewe said...

every one of those quilts is stunning ... what a show! It is such a treat when those who can visit post pictures for the rest of us ... who cannot (bit far for this one xx) Thank you xx

Meggie said...

Those quilts are stunning. Thankyou so much for sharing.

:: CCB's Knit-Knacks :: said...

Wow! Those are amazing! I just wish I was neat and tidy enough for quilting. I am in awe.

Molly said...

Love that Ballerina of the Highway and also the Japanese Doll quilt!