Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making Labels and Shades of Purple.

I printed my own labels! ( one for D's quilt and one for the selvage quilt. ) It took ages, but only because I couldn't find the CD with the label designs on them. I did eventually locate it but as it is just in a paper envelope not a case; it was easy for it to hide. That is not like me.....I like to know where things are, so now I have put it with the printable fabric sheets packet in my sewing cupboard.( I need them both together so that seemed logical ) For the first time I used a new brand of printable fabric sheets, "Premium," made in Australia. I have a packet of 10 A4 size sheets. Previously I had used "Blumenthal Craft," made in USA,  Poly Cotton sheets that measured 8.5 by 11, which is not A4 size.  The new sort is easier in the printer and a much softer fabric for turning the edges under or hand sewing on. So that is for me a better product. Over the years I have made and attached labels in many different ways...this certainly gives the easiest to read results. It is possibly more expensive than making your own hand sewn ones, but a whole lot quicker ( usually ) and gives a more professional result.
 Both the Labels and Borders CD and the printer fabric are available from Alice's Crea8ive Embroidery Ltd at Mt. Maunganui.

I love the colour purple, in flowers. Tibouchina.
Velvety fluffy double Petunias.
 A bumble bee getting nectar from the Autumn Crocus ( colchicum Autumnale ).
 ( that's not their foliage behind. They have popped up between the leaves of a Filipendula.) Our free draining soil means most bulbs do so well and multiply so  profusely that they are growing everywhere. ( some that have got thrown out accidentally with my weeds are currently flowering under the Avocado trees where we spread the weeds as mulch.)
 This Hosta hasn't browned off yet so the mauve looks good beside the lime leaves.
 I do have flowers of other colours - red and white that I will save for another post.

 Finally just to make you a little homesick Pamela, it is Feijoa time in NZ.
 Our bushes have a very small crop this year, but enough for us to relish what we do tasted really nice!



Jennifer said...

That's an easy way to do labels......I am lazy and just write mine, but it's time I investigated making proper printed ones. Pretty purple plantings!

Diane-crewe said...

easy to see why you love these plants xx

notHamilton said...

That looks like a perfect specimen. Tried to explain what a feijoa was the other day - 'so why haven't we ever heard of this fruit?' they asked. Because kiwis keep a good thing secret!

Bubble said...

Gorgeous colours, and nom nom !!!