Monday, July 04, 2011

Having Fun.

Hi Everyone,Thanks for your good wishes. We are having a fabulous time....not much chance till now to get to a computer. Both our flights were delayed so spent 30 minutes sitting in the plane on the run way before taking off on the first leg of our journey. The second leg from Singapore was delayed for almost 2 hours while they made some repairs - unfortunately we were sitting in the plane through that too. But safe flights are what we wanted so stressing does no good. Singapore stopover was wonderful but very humid. We went up in the Singapore Flyer ( 165 metres off the ground ) . We visited the Botanical gardens; did a bus tour of the city and visited some friends..... where among other things they got a durian for us to try - wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. We have eaten lovely food everywhere we have been so far - that's a plus.
We spent the first 2 night in London before going down by train with the 2 young ones to stay in Somerset. ( where we had a car ) From there down to Devon and  Dorset and Cornwall. We went to Lands End; to the Eden project, out to St. Michael's Mount. I have been to Bath to see the quilts at the American Museum and I got to visit Lyme Regis which I was really keen to do as I had read so much about it. Today we visited the old family homestead at Gillingham; the gravestone in the church there and a quick but wonderful walk in the sun around Stourhead Garden. We have now travelled back to London( Paddington ) by train then home by taxi to the young ones flat . I have taken SO many photos - none down loaded at this stage, but will show some in the weeks and months to come.
Hugs, Ali.