Sunday, February 12, 2023

Getting prepared.

         As cyclone Gabrielle approaches NZ there is not much we can do to prepare. I went out this morning and picked all of these Dahlias ( Holly Houston ) that have really big heavy blooms. 2 weeks ago the storm trashed this plant so I know it will happen again. After dinner last night I went down and picked a large container of Luisa plums.( 1/3 have rots 1/3 have split with the wet so I was picking from the other 1/3.)
 Our bottom level grass / garden beside the estuary has still not dried out since the last huge amount of rain, so I guess it will jus get wetter. Part can't now be mowed. Our house is well away and above this area.
 The top of the North and Auckland and Coromandel are more in the storm path than we are so here's hoping it's not too bad for them.

Thursday, February 09, 2023

Big Clean Up.

Fine but windy is okay for our planned big clean up outside today. With time and so much rain the concrete and the exposed wood on garden walls and outside seating area and furniture were black and stained.

 First move all the seats, pot plants,( inside the door out of harms way ) 

 extra chairs etc out onto the lawn so R can manoeuvre the Hustler with sprayer on the back around the area he is to clean. Using a diluted Hypo solution he cleaned the wood and concrete areas.

 Later when it is dry I replace every thing and it looks so much better. This is where ( on the grey couch ) I take a book or sewing if its a really nice fine day. ( not many lately ).
 The retaining walls up the driveway and an area at the entrance are getting done too.

This is the 3rd flower a new Vireya (called Scented sun) has had following some sunburn when first planted then a touch of frost during the early Spring. I think its happy now. It was planted in September last year. Vireya Rhododenrons  do really well in BOP. I see in my garden record book I have planted 16 since we moved here.