Thursday, December 22, 2022

In Time For Christmas.


Pohutukawa ( or New Zealand Christmas trees ) are flowering just at the right time. This very young one is at the bottom of the hill at our young ones new house.

 In our neighbourhood there are many beauties. I see when out walking.

   Flowers differ from tree to tree.   Some almost pink others dark red and these  are a bright red  with a hint of orange . ( there is also a yellow variety but it is never as spectacular )


 This got finished a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to show you it. Just right for a wee girl who will be 8 months old on the 25th.

 Tomorrow will be our 55th Wedding Anniversary. I wonder if we will have time to go to lunch. We usually do lunch as we were married at noon.
 There is quite a lot of a certain Virus around at the moment so maybe eating out is not a great idea.

In case I don't get back here before the 25th, I wish you  All 
 Season's Greetings.
Stay safe and be Happy.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Here are the Rest.

The Continuous Landscape in 17 parts. No body knew what anyone else was making. They could be rearranged to maybe blend the sky colours a bit better,  ( Click on them to enlarge. )

The second to last one ( with the Mt and tall buildings )  is quilted then painted on with fabric paint. All the other are fabric sewn on.


Tuesday, December 06, 2022

My Landscape now Finished.


This is now ready to hand in. It will be displayed alongside others similar to make a Continuous landscape. Each piece made should be able to be placed beside any other person's work with  horizontal sky, land,  water all meeting at a given point. ( I bet they don't ! ). Mine has an element of humour to it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Mystery Car Trip and Sewing.

 Last Friday some of the members of our Patchwork and Quilting Club went on a mystery Car trip. It meant an early start but I was lucky that a neighbour also belongs and she took 3 of us from out this side of town in her car. The weather forecast that day was appalling but we mostly dodged the downpours till 2 pm. We went over the hill ( Kaimai Range ) to  the Waikato area. We visited 3 fabric and Quilting supply shops. My favourite one was  Bower Bird. in Tamahere .I had not been there before and didn't know about it. I purchased 3 little pieces of wool felt in unusual colours and 2 threads.

 We went to the Hamilton Gardens for lunch. I spotted these big saucers of marigolds on the way in.

 We left to come home  at 3pm in very heavy rain. There had been a serious accident on the main road and we had to detour around Whitehall.( later there was a 2nd mishap on that road). Progress was snail pace and it took us so long. I walked in the door at home at 6.15 pm ( so 3hrs 15 mins sitting in the car! ) Luckily with 4 ladies in the car we talked a lot.


 Today the weather is bad again. Rain and wind so I have been working on my continuous Landscape background. We were given a piece of A2  paper as the only pattern, with marks where the horizons have to meet with other peoples. Sky/ water/ land. so they have a chance of matching up side by side. 

 I have quite a lot of work to do on the middle and foreground, but its coming together okay.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Sowing and Sewing

 Sowing and Sewing have both made progress.

 Both Grandsons have small  vege gardens here with us. This is the 4 year olds . In the previous post it shows the little plants just up. Here they are now out in his garden He did so well transplanting them. Netting covers to stop rabbits or neighbours' ( multiple )  cats digging.

One of  R's vege patches with potatoes,  peas watermelon and  courgette plants.
 At the moment we are picking broccoli, asparagus, cauliflowers and these small red cabbages which are great cooked or in Cole slaw.

Plenty of colour in the flower gardens. This bright orange gazania was not my choice , ( R's ), but I thought you would love it Pam D ( hehe ).
 I much prefer the pink.

 Out the side door from the laundry is a wooden retaining wall that has the clothes line and some shrubs. on top. It is quite a dry area especially in Summer so Gazanias ( not listed with my favourites ) do well there and have self seeded everywhere.  They cross pollinate and come up in lots of colours.
 Some have dropped to the garden border below and fill gaps or get weeded out. They only open in the sun, but provide lots of free plants.

I am working on 3 different small sewing projects at the moment. This felt panel is part of an elongated cushion cover. I am attaching the leaves which is easy hand stitching. Also handstitched is this current felt ball. Having said I wasn't making any more I changed my mind and am currently working on the 29th one, for a wee baby called Eloise.

 The third project is a group one. At P and Q we were asked to make a panel for a continuous landscape which will all be hung side by side. I have till early December to finish that. It is machine sewn and only partly completed. A panel about A4 size. Photos when I finish it.

 Finally I am picking lots of Graham Thomas roses which are doing well I think because of extra heavy rainfall in July.

 Unique rhododendrons flower around the garden about 10 in all.
 The yellow violas down both sides of the new steps are still bright and have bushed up. ( good value ).

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Tired but Moving along.

 Thanks for your kind wishes Molly; Janice ; Chooky and Diane. I have fully recovered except for the tiredness and lack of energy. Gradually working my fitness back up to previous levels.

  This cineraria is even brighter than it looks here. It is with other less desirable colours in this bed under a flowering cherry tree.

Tomorrow NZ gets a Memorial Holiday to remember QE II. She did SO well.
 Grandsons are coming over for the day so their parents can spend the day packing in prep for moving to their new (build) house in the next couple of weeks. (very exciting for them as it has taken SO long ) 
 Smaller Grandson comes to us each Monday and we try to do many different activities. He is 4 now.
 R made him this little wheelbarrow in which he is transporting oranges in up the slope of the lawn. He is a VERY willing worker.
 Here he is painting ( with acrylic paint ) the little plane he built ( with only a little guidance ) 
 Using an eye dropper ( so he didn't drown them )  he is watering the New World Little Plants that both boys planted the weekend before.
 Bigger GS  has less time here now  so yesterday I planted out his snow peas into his outside garden. They were growing through the  peat pot. Most of the seeds germinate so fast inside the house, twice daily watering is required. 2morrow we will start some more.

 On the sewing front I am back working in felt . 2 projects -  one a felt embroidered ball ( even tho I thought I would never make another - this is # 32.)

 We have a 2nd bright sunny day. It cheers me! 

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August has been quite a Trying Month.


 At the end of the first week we attended a small family party for younger Grandson. That was lovely. What followed a few days later was not. I got Covid which I generously shared with R a couple of days later and unfortunately one of my dear sewing group friends.
 If you haven't had it try not to catch it. We didn't like it at all. We had the very sore throat variety with copious snot and coughing. The lethargy  has lingered now for me. I'm almost back to normal, but still  get very tired. R is still coughing. I got quite indignant when twice while I was unwell I got a text encouraging me to get another booster shot !

 During this horrid time I used a bunch of these on the kitchen bench to see if I still had my sense of smell. I did but maybe a bit blunted. They are the Burtonii variety freesias. I made sure some came here from the orchard garden and they are thriving now. All the spring bulbs seem to have loved all the wet we had. The first 3 flowering cherries were magnificent and it was a joy to look out the window and watch the tui and wax eyes getting nectar.

 Also flowering well and attracting Monarch butterflies at this time of the year. Pieris ( not sure which variety maybe Temple bells. )
 Looking forward to September and Spring.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Some Recent Finishes.


 Its the first day it has been dry enough to hang this finished quilt on the clothes line for a photo.

The quilt called "Theses are a Few of My Favourite Things," is a real mix of lovely fabrics, fun ideas, hand drawn objects, fabrics coloured with Intense pencils  and lots of hand appliquΓ©  ( broderie purse ) pieces cut from fabrics in my stash. It was fun to make, especially  collecting the fabrics with the help of my sewing friends. It is very busy so just a simple purple border was all it needed to be complete. The back fabric ( chocolates ) also feature on the front. I made label by hand using the pencils.

 A couple of close ups. 

 I have also finished the 3rd little felt bird. Its a Banded Dotterel ( brown and fawn )., The others are dark blue / black a NZ Robin and the green shades  for the Bellbird. They each have a proper feather under their wings.

Thursday, June 30, 2022



 Wandering along this beautiful Whangamata  Beach  twice last weekend was a real treat for me ( and my 5 sewing buddies ) 3 of the 6 of us have June Birthdays so we had a special celebratory dinner on Friday Night.
 We stayed the Matariki weekend ( a new Public holiday in NZ ) there to go and see the Whangamata Patch and Quilt Groups Exhibition.
 My favourites from the show were Debbie Adding's  "Kai Pai Tau tatou Matariki," 

 with all the stars named ( their Maori names not Pleiades names )
 and these very colourful cushions by Sandi Briggs and Shirley Sparks.

 At the show I was very restrained ( trying to use up fabric in my stash not make it bigger ) 
 but bought a lovely book of cushion ideas. 17,  of which I like 6 very much.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

12 Completed.


I am very pleased to have finished all 12 of my tablemats.

 They can now be used and I can move on to another project. What ties them together as a set is the backing fabric and the quilting design.

Monday, June 06, 2022

Dreary Winter Weather now With Us.


 These are on the kitchen bench brightening up a dull wet day. One of my sewing group friends  Jill gave them to me in bud. She bought us all a bunch when we had lunch out together last week. 3 of us have Birthdays in June. 

Outside the cherry trees are spreading leaves far and wide. Some yellow, some red, some brown. The 2 little persimmon trees on the drive , now all picked are making a bright show.

 From the 2 little trees  we picked 104 lovely fruit, the birds got 2 and some weeks ago in a storm I had to cut 20 off along with the top of the tree to save it from breaking. So very well pleased with the return.
 Possibly my favourite fruit.

 Late yesterday I walked around the back track and spotted the Royal Spoonbills all hunched against the cold along with lots of pest Canadian Geese.

 I am working on sewing the hems down on my last 2 tablemats ( #s 11 and 12 ) 
 I will take a photo of all 12 together soon. What will be my next project? I have to finish machine quilting a top but need a handwork project. Thinking. Thinking.

 I have been reading more Lucinda Riley books. The ones she wrote b4 the & Sisters Series.