Monday, January 28, 2019

So Simple.

Sometimes something very simple can be a pleasure.
There's not much to this. A terracotta pot, some good potting mix and some seed.
 McGregor's Zinnia Thumbelina mix. ( extra dwarf ) Some are in the garden, some in this pot and I still have some left. They grow very easily. No nice perfume but bright colourful faces.
 Plenty of water as its a small pot, some worm pee and they are rewarding me.
 They have done even better than the ones in the garden as they were protected from last week's strong winds and are planted closer than the garden ones.
 Butterflies seem to like them too.

 Thanks Molly and Pam...keep at it when you get the chance - I'd really miss you if you stopped.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

P and Q Picnic.

Yesterday was the right temperature for a picnic. ( not too hot or too windy ) Our Patchwork and Quilting group met at Yatton Park (  off Fraser street in Tauranga ). We sat beneath a large Cherry tree. Only about 25 of our members turned up, many still being away on holiday I think. The fountain above is part of a water feature in the park.
 From the fountain pool the water runs downhill in this shallow narrow stream. Alright for paddling in a small boys told me , but a bit slippery.

This is where we spent a couple of hours,  under this tree , chatting, stitching ( by hand ) some knitting. 
 Some quilt bindings got finished. I stitched down the bindings around some of my new letters I have been producing.

 There are public toilets and BBQs and playground as part of the park. Not a large amount of parking space  inside the park however. The road outside can be used ( and just step over a low fence ), also a nearby side street. A feature of this park has always been big huge old trees, some rare ones.
 Worth a visit and a walk  or a picnic if you are nearby.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

When We grow a Lot of Produce........

When we grow a lot of produce quite a lot of time has to be spent picking and processing/ eating it.
 The big pot is plum sauce . The smaller is stewed to freeze plums.  
Early Billington plums.Lovely Colour!
 The plum sauce filled these recycled sterilised bottles. ( about 6 litres in all ) 
Yummy sweetcorn cobs now ready.
These cobs must have been well pollinated as they are tight with no kernels missing. Just a little butter and black pepper is all I like on them.

I have been reading "Becoming, "   by Michelle Obama.  An enjoyable biography. Quite an insight into how a first lady has to live.

A little light rain has meant some inside time.
 Sewing in this house still seems a bit strange. I can't find things as they are all in big containers ( and so very neat )   at the other end of the house. They have to remain that way. (Before ( In the previous house )  I could open up my big cupboard and eye ball things, especially the fabric.) 
 I am trying to think of a solution...maybe a trolley of some sort would help.

 I made a list of the projects I wanted to start; complete or extend. 
This is an extension. I already ( way back in 2011 and before )  made several letters to hang ( peg  up )  a banner/ word bunting with interchangeable letters.
 It got used at Christmas; then at a Sales Table at an Exhibition. Then at a a wedding party.  In order to write more / different messages I need more letters.
 I also want to make sure I have all the letters for both Grandson's names.
 These are 3 layers : backing batting and top with machine sewn letter and binding which is then hand sewn down on the back. 6 inches square.  The binding is the fiddly part.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Hot January Weather.

This week things are quiet again at our place. The Grandsons and their parents had to return to the big smoke ( for work ) at the weekend. After days of much washing, ironing ,and cleaning today I have done jobs off my, " To do, " list like weeding under the hedge at the top of a retaining wall while clinging by my toes above a 4 foot drop; removing the decorations from the Christmas tree then taking  it down.  Weeding and watering and planting some new purchases.
 Most of the plants were for the front entrance at the end of a quite long driveway.
 These few cornflowers I planted from seed direct some months ago. On each side of the drive where it turn out to the road is a quite large magnolia tree. That makes under planting quite tricky because of the many surface roots.

I put in 2 Hostas and a Vireya Rhododendron called Just Peachy. Behind them is a patch of seedling Asters I grew from seed myself in a tray. ( just by the sensor for the lights ) 
 On the opposite side of the drive the garden is a bit smaller ( as yet ) but there I put 2 red Vireyas and a hosta. It will sort of match but not precisely. The magnolias constantly drop leaves on everything below.

 Things I planted earlier, in the small side garden where I dug out the box hedge, are now rewarding with colour and pickable roses.

 I have also weeded  under the 2 cherries I have circular garden around.
 The Billington Early plum tree s laden...plums being given away. Loads still to pick.
 Maybe I better make some plum sauce. ( they are red fleshed and sweet ) 

 Both sorts of beans ( my scarlet runners and R's small green ones ) are producing profusely.
 The tomatoes now cropping well and the sweet corn about a week away from ready.

 Finally to prove I did finish smaller Grandson's felt embroidered Ball for him.