Wednesday, February 20, 2019

High Tide and Full Moon.

Last evening I walked down to the jetty at sunset to see how high the tide was in.

 Touching the boards on the jetty.
 There was a lot of plopping going on as fish leapt to catch insects. 2 circles where the fish have plopped back in. Smaller ones were jumping right close in. I think the very full moon may have had something to do with the amount of activity I was seeing and hearing.
This pied Stilt or Poaka was circling and growling at me to go away. At last exhausted he landed and kept up the warning calls. See the red legs. I wonder where the nest is?
As I walked back up the hill to the house the very full moon was rising.It's the closest it ever comes ( perigee ). It certainly looked large and impressive.

 This morning I went back in daylight to see how high the tide was.
This show the current as the tide comes in.
Slightly higher than I saw last evening.
 Up on the bottom flat grass just a bit. A 2.1 metre high tide.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Finished by 5.30.

All the plants and bulbs I bought were in the ground by late yesterday. As always I maybe could have fitted in a couple more punnets of blue lobelia but they can still be added. Not visible cause they are underground are some lemon scented Freesia bulbs and some white dutch iris bulbs.
 The larger plants include a lemon gerbera, a  white dahlia, a rust coloured chrysanthemum  and 2 salmon / apricot  coloured Echinacea ( mooodz sympathy )( heat loving compact varieties )  Between I have put either lemon Guems ( perennials ) or blue or blue and white Lobelia ( annuals. )  or lemon marigolds.
 From the other end.
Although it looks pink here this is the pale orange echinacea  (2) I put of in. ( quite expensive but worth it if they thrive. I have had them in my last garden. Butterflies love them.
 I did bring from my last garden a container of my precious Burtonii Freesias but that wont be enough for picking. I love to pick great bunches of freesias in the Spring and only plant the scented ones.
 I am pleased with my efforts and like the result. When I walk out the laundry door to go to the clothes line I can see this and think that looks so much nicer.
 I also planted white freesias under a cherry tree and a dark navy ajuga under a magnolia ( which if it does well I will add to. ) 
 My garden tasks over the next little while will be just watering and weed maintenance.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Weekend Project.

The only thing written on the calendar for this weekend was Friday evening dinner at friend's place. 9 of us ate, drank and were very talkative and loud. We had a thoroughly good time as we always do in each other's company.

 I allowed myself to spend as much time as I wished during the weekend on a new garden project....hampered only by the extreme heat we are experiencing. 31 Degrees  C yesterday.
 This is the area I am working on. Having already hand weeded it 3 times in the 7 months we have been here I decided it will become  garden & hence worth weeding and watering and caring for. A long narrow strip. Dotted along it are some small box plants - not my favourites but they can stay for now to give a bit of height. Overhanging it at this end is a very nice queen protea which was in flower when we arrived last July.
 I measured out 20" from the wall all the way along , then put in marker sticks and dotted a line with paint aerosol to make sure I spaded it out straight and even.
 I made an excursion to the Garden centre to buy plants as an incentive to get stuck in.
 This annoying little weed ( in front of the blue pot ) that I didn't have in my last garden is the main offender that has to come out. Anyone know it's name? Grows flat on the ground and has pink stems.

 Progress . I was alright till the shade seen here disappeared...I got overheated and am taking a spell.
 I will show the finished garden and new plants tomorrow or when it's done.
 I am happy in my garden, I find it a contemplative time , but do sometimes have a tendency to overdo it...especially in the heat.