Sunday, July 09, 2023

Storm Damage.

 Last Tuesday the winds were as high as I have experienced here. Our power went out before 5pm and didn't come back on till nearly 8pm. I would not have wanted to be the linesmen who were out working to restore our power. The winds were scary.

 We had damage!.

 One of our Reed avocados is lying on it's side. The roots ripped up.

 Up the hill behind it the apple tree has been snapped off. Its trunk split upwards. ( click to enlarge )
I think the avo falling sideways opened a tunnel for the wind to sweep in.
 When and if the weather ever clears up and the sun reappears the clean up will start 
( with the chainsaw ) We will see if the avo hangs on till we pick its fruit in a few months time .
 I wandered around the garden looking for bright spots.
 Poor little hyacinths had their heads bashed in as they try to emerge.
 The hellebores seem quit hardy. I love their faces which they are reluctant to show.

 The older type are less impressive but lovely all the same.
 I find they don't last in a vase unless very mature so I am picking camellias and proteas and early jonquils and Daphne. The last few rose that hadn't been pruned have sodden rotting buds. Also flowering are primroses and polyanthus.  Roll on Spring and fine days.