Sunday, March 19, 2023

More Harvesting.


 I decided if we wanted any I   better get to it before the wasps hollowed out all the pears and the ducks from the estuary ate all the apples. ( so the Granny Smith Apples may have been picked a little early)
 Its quite a steep slope where these fruit trees grow so I have to be very careful of my footing.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Two Finishes.

 Finally, I've finished Felt embroidered ball # 30, for Matilda.

 The motifs are:
 a pear; a ladybird; a sunhat; a peapod ; a balloon; a grey cat; a strawberry; a birthday cake; some flowers;  a hen;  a
star and a capital M for her name.
 I will post it off on Monday. 

I also made this little bear in a sleeping bag for the Sales table for our Exhibition in July.

Wednesday, March 15, 2023


 From 3 plants ( one butternut; one crown and one Queensland Blue ) we got well rewarded.

 One got a rot and we already ate a butternut and shared another.
 R built some more shelf space in the Hustler Mower shed to store them.

 The rest are on a trolley in the same small shed.
 We have already had one big batch of roasted pumpkin soup and we will share them with our young ones and one lot of neighbours.
 We know to inspect them frequently for rots while we are storing them.
 That was worth doing!

Saturday, March 04, 2023


 If like me you are a reader and sometimes ( like now ) run low on books to read I suggest if you live anywhere near Tauranga in BOP, you go the the Rotary Club ( Used )  Book Sale . Its on all this weekend at Seeka Coolstores,  Harvard Way Mt. Maunganui.( 9 - 4.30 pm ) 

 For the first time they started it at noon yesterday. We went yesterday afternoon and it wasn't too busy and we got parking easily.  As well as books they have jigsaws; records DVDs;  CDs and  second hand art.

 Kids books and Jigsaws.

 My lot.( 23 )  R also got a bag full. Surely between us that will keep us reading for the next year.
 Thanks for you comments on my last post post. We got off very lightly with Gabrielle . Not so other parts of the North Island. The clean up needed in some areas is beyond belief. The number of new bridges and roads huge.