Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Same But Different.

I had thought maybe I had made my last felt embroidered ball, but as I have lots of felt and threads left, why not make another?   
# 28 !  
  It's something I can still see fairly easily, compared with other projects, so maybe one more? ( It is a good portable project.) 
 I then had the idea to vary it a little. Instead of 12 different coloured pentagons; just one colour - blue (in different shades ) . I could make it for a grown up instead of a small child. The idea grew. I decided to use fabric motifs using Broderie purse style. I found a fabric with many different teapots or services, that were about the right size. I reinforced them with iron on and cut them out. Using cotton machine thread I blanket stitched them on.
 I then inserted the wound batting inner leaving some seams open to get it in.
 Using a contrasting thread from my left overs 
 I tacked / laced  firmly the last seams shut.

 I then proceeded to blanket stitch (with a double wind that stays firm )  the final seams - from the outside this time. ( undoing the tacking as I got to it )  

This is how it looks all sewn up.
 I then chain stitch over the seams 2 rows on either side and it covers the seam stitches.
 The rows of chain go in opposite directions. I will vary the colours used but stick to those appearing in the motifs. Just the straight forward easy part to do now - the rows of chain around each of the 12 pentagons. 

 ( the eggs have hatched - more on that when I get photos!)

Monday, October 21, 2019

But Wait.

But wait. There is 4. I climbed back up with the camera to check on progress and found 4 thrush eggs. I also googled how long it takes for them to hatch. It seems 13 - 15 days after the last eggs is laid.
 So that could be any time soon. We saw her this morning and its possible she is feeding something.( time wasting activity! but when they are so close out the window I can't help noticing ) 

 Some bright spot in the garden. pink Gazanias  and yellow Geums ( Lady Strathenden ) just beginning to flower.

 On the kitchen bench , my favourite carnations ( pinks ) ( Dianthus Dancing Queen; Sugar Plum and Memories )

 The Graham Thomas rose was broken out by the wind. It is tied up tighter now.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Still Complaining about the Weather.

I suppose its cause we both like to garden that the relentless wind is so frustrating.
 But still we try. Some success too. 
 5 caulis have so been eaten by the family. One yet to mature.

 Finally I'm getting a reasonable pick off the red flowered Broad beans.
We have been eating petals and leaves off the nasturtium in salads. They are thriving despite the wind turning the plants upside down again and again.

 We have also been watching Mrs. Thrush valiantly struggle to make a nest on top of the wooden beam in our BBQ area. Finally it stayed there. I climbed on a seat and held the camera above my head to see into her nest.
Fabulous coloured eggs.
 My sewing has consisted of hand sewing a different type of felt ball and machine sewing little dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World, project , that we were asked to help with. So far I have done the skirts of 2 but need help on how the sleeves are done.
 Some ladies are going to work on them on Saturday when we have a UFO day. I might go and get some assurance that what I am doing is what is required.( its a good way to use up fabric from my stash!