Saturday, March 06, 2021

I have Finished This.

 Yesterday I sat and completed my hand sewing project.  ( I copied a necklace I have with a dragonfly on it ) It is made of felt and hand stitched with my knotted blanket stitch around the edges. The cotton lining I sewed under,  on the machine then handstitched in once the hand stitching on the other side was finished. It covers up the starting and stopping nicely. The wings are made using Angelina Fibres which I have had in my cupboard for a long while.( teased out and heat set ) . The veins in the wings I did using sewing machine cotton ( Gutermann ) as it needed to be fine. I used backstitch.

                                       Here as a work in progress.

 Here showing the lining. It is a very simple fold over purse for makeup etc in my carry bag. The old one had become worn  and ragged.
 I will now concentrate on the project I showed in the last post. I tracked down some Derwent Inktense pencils ( which become paint when wet ). I need to practise with those a bit. I also eventually found th website I was looking for. So that's all good!

 We have been having high tides mid day this week.
 This is our bottom lawn. The estuary is to the right in this photo. It has surrounded our burning heap and the neighbours one and the rustic seat. Our house is 30 metres or so above this area. 
 Also this week  - earthquakes ( we only felt the one at 2.30 am ) felt in many parts of NZ . Eastern BOP did evacuation practise and watched possible tsunami from high ground. No one was hurt  and the Kermadec Islands ( where it started ) were not inhabited at the time.