Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Day 35.

I know I said I was having a break from this but I did find a couple of things flowering that I hadn't shown here. These wee ones are blue cornflowers. Blue is not a common colour in flower especially not such a clear bright blue. They grow easily from seed.

 I made a different bread today. A fruit bread with sultanas sesame seed sunflower seeds and some spice and cinnamon. The bottom didn't break out so much this time. I tried it and declared it delicious. ( yes I still have flour! )

 I said I might have to go to the supermarket and shop as normal but I returned to the on line ordering for my New World and found it had saved all my quite long list from yesterday and today it was quite happy for me to complete the order and pay for it so that didn't take long. I cannot pick up till Friday morning though...we can wait. So the only thing I lost was my place in the queue.

 The binding is being  hand stitched down today so the end is in sight.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Day 34. The first of level 3.

 Today a little bedding dianthus ( same family as carnations ). I am struggling now to find new  flowers out  in this garden. I have thousands of older flower photos but I started this showing just ones flowering now.( I don't want to repeat myself ). ( yes it does have a cerise centre but gives the overall impression of being pink. )
 Level 3 for us starts today - no change for us at all except the local garage was able to open with social distancing and they finished fixing the old blue truck...poor old truck locked up in the dark for 34 days...seems none the worse for it. So I have driven down the main road today about 4.5 kms and back so R could drive the truck home.
 R ordered a meat box from the Bethlehem Butcher by phone and was able to collect it so he's happy  (he's the bigger meat eater ).
 I tried again to put in a grocery order for later in the week. It was sizeable but   something was wrong right at the end  ( over loaded I suspect ) and so all that time was order was not placed.
 I will give it a quick try again tomorrow and if it is the same I will be brave and go in person to shop.
 Today I  hosed all my flower gardens, I haven't had time for a walk yet...that might also be pleasant but I'm rather sick of the same old same old places to go.
 Like Raewyn I don't quite know why I started Blogging every day of lock down. I will ease up now and only post when I have plenty of time and something different to talk about.
 Thanks to those ladies who have kindly supported me during this time. Cheers Ladies.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Day 33.

                                                        Gazania - Copper sunset.
 Sorry  Pam D it's orange but changes colour shades as it ages,. I got over not liking or wanting orange flowers in my garden ( I still dislike cerise ones ) I has nasturtiums under one cherry tree and they did too well.                                             

 I did 35 minutes sewing this morning and got  my machine cover to this stage. The pocket will sit at the front bottom edge and is at this stage in 2 parts. I could make one side into 2 smaller pockets. I'll see how it works first. The pocket itself is a folded double layer of fabric and I have double stitched the dividing line so it won't rip out if it has weight put in it.
 Now all that remains is for me to trim it and add the binding and sew that down
  Stage 3  of lock down starts at midnight tonight.
 It sounds like progress. I hope it is.

 Thanks All for your comments I enjoy getting them and reading them.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Day 32 Sunday.

                         24 hours later and sun all day can do this to a rose.
 This is Golden Wedding and it has been flowering continually all Summer. Not a lot at a time but just a steady ( pickable ) number of blooms. It has a light rosey perfume.
Today we have been able to give away fruit to 3 neighbours and Family  -Feijoas,apples. walnuts and avocados.
 It's lovely to have nice produce to share around.
 The BOP weather today has been magnificent. Still and warm with clear blue sky. 

 9 new covid cases in NZ today No more deaths.
 ( total to date 1470 with 1142 recovered. )

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Day 31 ( ANZAC Day. )

                 My flower today is of course Papaaver or Poppy.

I am also wearing my handmade poppy.
 We made them at Patchwork and Quilting group in 2015.
 We used candle heat to curl the petals.

 Many Kiwi Families have been very creative in making their own Poppy display for their letterbox front garden or Driveway.
 Last evening I was so thrilled to see a nursery flower grower donating huge beautiful buckets of flowers for South Auckland War Memorials.  Tonight's News will show us how people around NZ  did Remember 

Friday, April 24, 2020

Day 30.

A gazania  ( with an interesting face ) that grows at the edge of retaining wall. It is drought tolerant so a suitable place for it and its mates with prostrate thyme growing around them. The lime tree growing above and behind them constantly drops leaves and fruit on top of them. We don't actually use many of the limes much preferring lemons.

 This morning I made Anzac biscuits, I think it was a year ago I last made them. That's the end of my coconut though so a good timely  use for it.

 I am impressed with how much sewing some of you are doing.....I keep sneaking out to the garden as my first preference when the sun is out. Stay well, be happy.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Day 29.

A little mauve Larkspur. Not a very large or vigorous specimen. I think it grew from seed from a packet of mixed cottage garden seeds.,thrown over everything already growing in the flower bed. I will let it seed again for next year. I also love its relative the delphiniums but don't have any at the moment
 I finished the scary book and have started a new one by an author I read before and liked. She is Australian Belinda Alexandra. . I am reading Wild  Lavender set in 1930s and war years in Provence France then Paris then Berlin then New York. So far so good. The previous one I read was called Sapphire Skies.
 The day was dull and cloudy but the sun appeared for a while . I was out gardening again but R started mowing then a neighbour so I had stereo mowing...not my favourite loud tune!
 I think everyone had the same idea cut the grass now while it's dry because we have had just  enough rain to make it grow again.
 Hope you are all okay. Some sunshine certainly helps the mood . Nights and mornings much chillier now - Autumn weather.
 Thanks for your Comments Ladies I do appreciate you making them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Day 28.

Today a small white cyclamen growing under the big tree at the front gate. It is difficult to get detail in a photo of white flowers - not enough shadow.
 If you look really closely it is in this piece of garden that I spent 2 hours weeding and tidying this afternoon. A fabulous BOP day today. Started off chilly though.
 This garden does a little better than the one on the opposite side of the drive as it is a little shadier.The hedge behind is the boundary between us # 33 and # 34 which is for sale.

Aren't these interesting little cones on the Swamp Cypress tree. It has 100s.
 It is the only really large tree we have on the bottom flat down by the jetty and the water.
 They can actually grow in water hence the common name. 
 The water is on the left of the tree. and it does get slightly wet from a big tide. We haven't had one that far up since we have lived here but we have photos of the last time it did flood.
 The best examples of this tree that I have seen are at Ayrlies in South Auckland area.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Day 27.

Today a white and mauve phlox, a bedding annual. I have 4 or 5 different colours. ( you could see cerise ones in yesterday flower photo.) A calm dull cloudy day - no rain.
 Well I've been on a short outing in the car to pick up my ordered on line groceries. I didn't realise when I booked the collection time it was a pension day. It was SO busy. Folk were mostly helpful and patient while we waited.
 Everything they put in looks good, but I did say no substitutes so there were 5 gaps in my list. Never mind I have started next weeks list already. What Have I learnt from this new to me experience. Choose your day and time more carefully. Order a bit more than you need as you might not get it all.( or allow substitutes )
 Places along the drive looked a bit sad all shut up. I noted the local service station is open petrol cheaper and the local  4 square store was also busy.
 I better stop now as I haven't had my walk.     1 more death in NZ today. = 13 total.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Day 26

This coleus is growing in the garden. It shouldn't be flowering. I usually nip the tips out, that way the plant lasts longer. From one punnet of coleus plants months ago I got this plant and another yellow and green one which I planted  in a pot which have thrived. 4 others in more exposed places survived but not as well or as robust. ( good value though )
 Feeling in a better mood today( thank goodness ). I have proceeded with the book and will finish it. I will select the next one with more care...something with a little humour would be good.

 Today I did a first for me. I ordered groceries on line at my preferred Supermarket and can pick them up outside tomorrow afternoon. Took me a while but I will be better at it next time.
 I last shopped there on the 13th March and have only had 2 x 9 things got by good neighbour.
 As R pointed out we over 70s could be shopping this way for quite some time yet

 There are still a few veges available in the garden. Tonight we are having chicken and  vege with ginger stir fry.and rice.
 I made another successful loaf of bread and my flour supplies are holding out well, but I am spending way more time in the kitchen than I normally do. Knowing I have supplies coming tomorrow should let me relax a bit.
 Keep smiling everyone . As we don't have  many options it's the best one.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Day 25 ( Sunday )

 Today's tiny flower is a trailing lobelia in a terracotta pot.
 It is dark blue / purple and keeps self sowing in the pot.

 It is a dull day - does nothing for my mood. 
 I had to stop at 560 walnuts this afternoon  as the bucket was full. I'll need to find another container and do more tomorrow. All my plastic bowls are full of feijoas.  These along with the previous ones I've collected need more drying in the sun.( when it returns )

 A word of warning . Watch what you read during this locked in time. What I am currently reading "Mapping the Edge," by Sarah Dunant, is scary and disturbing but I guess I must be brave ( its only a story )  and finish it. Maybe not before bedtime tho.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Day 24.

That's a bit bright and in your face isn't it.
 It's a close up of one of the geranium flowers in a pot I have outside. I almost lost it with rust during the summer but by taking off all the leaves with spots and burning them I think it is okay going forward.
 I have it in a red pot for it's colour.
 We don't grow them in NZ as much as they do in places where window boxes and planters on the street abound. I saw lots in UK in 2011.


 I have already been for my walk today. A bit windy but the sun came out and I saw some neighbours to chat to ( at a distance of course. )
 She told this joke. She had been to the doctors( having had major surgery some weeks ago  ) " Gosh it's quiet in here,"  she said to the nurse." Yes its SO quiet," replied the nurse. "Just before an elderly lady was in here having a skin cancer burnt off her nose. She was fine and went off and got into her car. There were just 2 cars in the carpark and she managed to back into the other one!"

 I want to do more sewing as I am up to sandwiching my 3 layers and quilting my little project. Its a dust cover for over my Bernina when it's out on the table ( with it's tray attached ) but not being used. I saw one somewhere that had a pocket across the front for bits and pieces  - scissors etc. I might put that on too. 
 I think it's Saturday ( keep having to check I'm on the right seems very like every other ), so enjoy your stay at home weekend friends. 

Friday, April 17, 2020

Day 23.

 This chrysanthemum started off inside the house as a pot plant last year and was later planted out in the garden under a cherry tree. It is in a very windswept place but is  struggling into flower. I love white and green ones particularly and strangely I quite like how they smell.

Here's a peek at my sewing project. So far all cut out and 11 of the strips joined. My eyes are delighting in the colours so far. Mostly batiks. Progress is a bit slow cause I keep having to do other things like pick up more feijoas. Raewyn I too have found some frozen ones from last year. I prefer them raw but R sometimes persuades me to make a crumble from apple / feijoa mix.

 Today I walked for 45 minutes with my umbrella up. Not cause it was raining all the way but because the catch that keeps it open is like a mousetrap and suddenly shuts, so once it was up I kept like that. In some places I had to point it down into the wind to stop it turning inside out but never mind seeing all the neighbourhood Autumn colours makes me happy( and I don't have to pick up those leaves - just the ones that can't be mown up in our place ).  
 In all that time I saw one other person!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Day 22.

Today a Bromiliad called Aechmea fasciata. It is a tropical plant but was in this garden when we came, in a very sheltered spot in front of a photinia hedge with an olive tree overhanging it. It only gets rain but has formed a big clump, so must be happy.
 I have nicknamed this the covid cabbage. It was one of the 9 items I asked for with my shopping.  ($3.29    the grower didn't make any money out of that! )I tried weighing it but my kitchen scales stop at 2kg and it was heavier than that. The scales just said ERR. We didn't have any cabbage ready in the garden and I find it keeps so well and is really versatile as a vege. Raw or cooked - stir fry or microwave only. Never boil it. I personally prefer cabbage to sprouts or broccoli for taste.
 I will report how long it lasts and how many meals it contributes to.
 We do have some seedling ones started but they will be months away.
 A dull calm day here with odd skiffy showers. As part of my walk I checked the mail box and found a local paper and a letter, so worth going.
 We have too many feijoas - ever heard that before !

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Day 21

Wee White polyanthus which are recovering from the very dry conditions we had over Summer.

 Today I made a mixed grain loaf of bread in the bread maker. It came out well but the paddle that mixes it didn't fold right down before cooking so it got a hole in the bottom when done.
 I am pleased with the moist texture. It had wholemeal and plain flour 50/50 plus black sesame seeds sunflower seed and oregano.

 I had to eat the holey piece for my afternoon tea, just to check it was okay. ( it was )

 We have been having a couple of days of windy showery weather and the place was looking messy. It fined up this afternoon so R and I took to the mowers - him on the ride of course doing the big areas and me with my hand mower doing my little patch out the back of the house. It looks so much better. That was my exercise for today. With the rain the patchiness of the lawn is improving. The herb garden on the right in the photo is still going well. ( Mint, parsley, Rosemary, thyme, chives and a yellow capsicum )  All sprawling out onto the path but there is still room to walk by.
 Some of the daily flowers I have been posting are growing along this wall ( enlarge it if you want to see.) 

 Yes  lovely neighbour got the 9 items I asked for . She is so kind to us older ones.( she is 60 something ) we are 70 something. I could quite easily be getting our own groceries but as over 70s we were told to stay in so that's what I'm doing.

 Today I started a patchwork project. Yes you read that right. More will be revealed. Because it isn't pleasant out side I was mostly doing indoor things. I'm glad to finally have decided to make something useful I have been meaning to do for ages.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day 20

Violets today hiding down low  between the leave as there is a trashing wind here today.
 I did bend right down for a smell of them though. Ahh.
 Have had a bit more rain too.

 Venturing out to pick up feijoas ( 55 )  I found windfall avocados 2 tiny last tomatoes and a very small handful of tender young beans.
 I last went to the supermarket on 13th March so when kind neighbour offered to go for us all again tomorrow, I said yes please and gave her a short list.

 Today it is  my blogs anniversary. I first put up a post on the 14th April in 2006. 
 I went back and read a few post from then. It was around Easter time that year too.
 It isn't hard to know a title for my blog at the moment. ( day feels a lot longer than that )
 Stay safe . Be creative.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Day 19.

Something bright today, a yellow low growing dahlia.
 We have cloudy weather with the odd shower. In the night it was quite stormy and 11 mls in the rain gauge this morning. Thanks. So no time watering plants today.
 I took this shot yesterday. Nice neighbours tree is just starting to colour up. I hope you are all okay Chins up.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Day 18 Easter Sunday.

 Happy Easter ( possibly the strangest one ever )
 Today's flower is a Japanese Anemone or wind flower.
 My favourite Wind flower is the large white single, but I don't have that any more.

 This is how the light and tide can change in 24 hours.
 Comparing the tide up around the jetty with this  Photo shows how much our estuary tide rises and falls between high and low tides.

Dark navy clouds sailed by a while ago. I'm sure that rain was meant for us.

 Thanks for keeping reading. I am enjoying seeing how everyone who posts daily or weekly is coping. Those of us in NZ are lucky.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Day 17.

 Today the flower on a pot plant is called Huernia . It looks like a succulent but apparently is its own genus.

 The pot stands near the front door. See how the bell flowers hang down;that makes getting a pic of the inside of the flower quite tricky. I guess the pot needs to be up high.

 Earlier  this year these cyclamen had a rest and did not like the heat so I popped them under the outside work bench in the shade and they are very happy.

 This afternoon I sat in the vege patch and went along the row of Brassica pulling these off.  Whtie butterflies are still hanging around.

This morning was a full high tide that made its way up onto the lawn as it does every time there is a 2.1 metre tide. The jetty looks like it is is almost floating We have a fabulous sunny day.
Son's wood pile is surrounded

Friday, April 10, 2020

Day 16 ( Good Friday )

 Today a very bright red Vireya rhododendron. 
I have planted lots of red ones some white ( with scent ) and some apricot. All except one doing well. The last one I put in succumbed to drought.

 Today I walked somewhere different. I went a long way. It was worth it just to meet these 3 bears at a gateway. Suitably protected. I saw other walkers on the way back and kids on bikes giving no warning of their approach which is worrying.

 I also saw a large cardboard painted Easter Egg ( maybe a little early, but cheerful all the same. )

 Sadly today we learn a 90 year old has died in the South Island.
 Our total is 1283 with 373 recovered.

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Day 15.

A Banksia Flower today. The many Tuis are loving the big tree covered in flowers or seed pods at various stages. Just to the left of this flower is one of the gnarly seed pods.

11mls of rain. It all helps.

Loulee that's a lovely name your sister has. I have found pink Nerines far harder to grow and clump up.  White ones even more so.

 Today's walk was a bit different and rough. ; quite windy.It started to spit so I had to run the last 100 metres.
 Along the back track and around the whole sub division a neighbour sets rat traps. The population has reduced hugely because of it. As I walk along I bend down to peer into each trap beside the track. (luckily they are usually empty )

  See the storm clouds forming...they blew over and only dropped enough drops to make me run!

 NZ is still doing well. Keep it up dear friends.