Sunday, September 24, 2023


 All week I have been doing short walks to help my back. I hurt it last weekend. Walking did not hurt it . Getting up after sitting did.

 Today with it 95% better I did a LONG walk. This afternoon I walked for an hour and 40 minutes, from Hukarua Harbour Park ( at the end of Plummer's Point Road ) to Te Puna Beach. I wore far too many clothes and carried an umbrella. As you can see from the first photo it was dull and spitting when I started out. It improved to quite warm. I have shown you photos on this walk before ( not recently ).

 The tide was fully in today.
 Here the path follows the railway line on the left.

 The highlight of my walk was finding this avenue of Awanui Flowering cherries all out. I counted 50.

Friday, September 15, 2023

It Must be Spring Now.

 It must be Spring now as a whole month has gone by.( it's September half way gone ).

 Iceland Poppy faces are fleeting as Spring winds and rain do their thing.
 At least 8 more buds to come. The Yellow Kangaroo Paw plants are doing well. They seem to love the rain. I mistakenly thought because they were Australian they would prefer dry.

 Smaller Grandson is a good worker. Here he is unloading the  clean new sand for the new sandpit.
 He and I have been doing lots of puzzles too. Jigsaws and wooden puzzles. This one called the Soma Cube. My boys had it nearly 50 years ago and it's still a challenge. I decided to see how many of the shapes I could still do.
 Here's one I did this morning. That's 5 I can still do.
 I'll keep pushing myself with puzzles of many kinds.
Bigger grandson and son started a very tricky 1000 jigsaw 2 weeks ago and did about a quarter before they had to go. I was then left with 3/4 to finish to get it off the table. R has now cut us some MDF board to work on so the puzzle in progress can be lifted off the big table.
 I thought it would be the sky and water that would be hardest but in fact it was the flowers.
 Yesterday I planted these seeds into 3 trays. So tiny. About 30 in the packet . I do hope some grow as I really like the frilly part and the delicate colour.
 As always lots of gardening happening. I have picked the first few asparagus.
 Molly the cushion top is almost finished. I hope to show you it complete next time I blog.