Sunday, March 24, 2024


 If you have been reading this blog for some years you may recall that back at the orchard we had 3 walnut trees. One was particularly good. I used to spend hours this time each year collecting the nuts. Well here at our next property I am still doing it.

 This is my 2nd collection; I got  today after we had some light rain last night. The rain helps to split open the green outer casing so the nut is  revealed. The nuts now have to be dried ( in the sun ) for 2 weeks before storing or shelling.

 The tree has become very large and is near the ground in many places. This allows me to pull the nuts directly from the tree and discard the green casing. Its good because the nuts never touch the ground below.

 Here is a photos of the middle lawn with the walnut tree in the middle at the far end.
 When this season's nuts have all fallen or been picked off, the tree will need a big haircut and  the low branches removed so R can mow under it. Lately he has had to duck and dive.

Monday, March 18, 2024

Another better Walk.


Yesterday I walked the Puketoki Reserve long Track. ( Leyland Road Whakamarama )  It has wonderful untouched New Zealand Native trees / bush. The tracks are mostly well maintained and there are 2 bridges. There are quite a few steps but I managed well  as I always take a stick in case.

 This is the Te Puna Stream - way above where it gets to us.

 I was really delighted to be greeted by this tiny  North Island Robin  that  sat on the track and chirped at me. Not frightened.

 There is lots of regrowth and variety. Logging stopped in this patch of bush about 100 years ago.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Out Walking.

 This afternoon I had the opportunity to walk through I'Anson Reserve ( in Te Puna ). I have shown you this walk before. For me it makes a change from walking just around our subdivision. It's all rustic bush and ( some weeds and swanps and little ponds. ) I know all the NZ native tress and there is nothing that special here  but not bad as it is mostly looked after by volunteers.

I entered on the left ( here ) and exited on the right then walked down that road around a corner along that road and ended at Te Puna Village.

 A composting toilet is hidden behind some trees and beside the track should one need it
 My hand sewn felt mandala is almost finished
 I think it will become a cushion.
 A storm was forecast so I picked these to save them being trashed.